People, Mags and other ‘things’ to look out for in 2021

Culture: December 29, 2020

It’s almost over! A year like no other. 2020, what a complete bag of arseholes. As we say good riddance to this year, we thought to ourselves, who or what could we advise our followers to keep their eyes peeled for in 2021. People, ‘things’, that have not only caught our eyes, but also kept us going throughout some of the darkest months of what the Aztecs predicted hundreds of thousands of years ago, (probably more than that actually) to be one of the worst for humankind.

So, here we have it. In no specifically ranked order – here’s 21 (see what we did there?) lovely people, things, stuff -  however you want to label it - that we really, really like and hope you’ll like too.





A magazine that explores the ways in which contemporary social attitudes, history, race and football intersect and overlap. Beautifully constructed, the mag’s next issue is long-awaited. Typically made up of work from the creative world’s most talented, including Lewis Khan, Chester Holme, Joe Gamble and many, many more. Sprung from a need to see football and fan culture examined through lens of the black experience in Great Britain and other countries around the world, CARICOM Magazine is a triumph and a must have for every football-in-print aficionado.





The brand that will forever be Barcelona to us, so naturally we were made up when Meyba asked us to collaborate on their ‘tie-die’ home and away shirts. But that is not the real reason they’re in our list. Their returning collection was something to behold with us wanting just about every single piece from it! We are very excited to see what the football brand will bring us in 2021.





Bootlegs. We love bootlegs. They are works of art in their own right. And there is no better account out there that champions the bootleg world than A Store Like 94. Brace yourselves for more stunners in the forms of hero rugs, shirt mash-ups and more.





There are a lot of shirt review channels out there. A large number of them are drier than an episode of Countdown. But this one, curated by photographer Aleksander Jason (an obsessed collector himself), seems to deliver his assessment in the right tone. It’s not your typical nerdy review. See for yourself and watch some episodes here.





A site dedicated to the culture of fans merchandise and the kings of upcycling 90s leisurewear. Based in LA, this clothing brand is for the fans, by the fans.





An account from actor Emile-Samory Fofana which focuses on West African football fans. His imagery captures fans going about their daily lives and expressing their love for European football culture. You’ll get lost in his imagery.





Now we know we’ve all been told to isolate, but there is no escaping the content force that is COPA90. Trusted by global brands with football campaigns and the godfathers of storytelling – Derby Days… need we say more. Expect very, very big things across 2021 from the Kings.





Launching back in 2016, this trailblazing mag set about countering the pale and sometimes stale state of modern football culture. A cross between a football fanzine and fashion magazine, it explores the evolving interplay between football, fashion and personal style. We read it, we subscribe to it, and so should you.





She’s just been named young content creator of the year. Need we say more?





Founded in 2015, Labrum London is a modern-day menswear brand telling the untold stories of West Africa to help bridge the gap between western and West African culture. A utilitarian approach fused with British tailoring, and a touch of West Africa, all adds up to a design recipe that is clean, sophisticated and unique. Just look at their work for Sierra Leone’s Olympic football team – utterly beautiful. The entire collection sold out in days. Not surprising when you look at their campaign’s photography.





Reminding us why we love football, daily. Yes, we know it’s their tag line, but the fact is it’s true. While the print mag is no more (for now at least), Mundial have still delivered an award winning podcast and campaigns for Adidas Originals and Size? Something tells us, that with the Euros looming, there are even bigger things to come.





Hands down one of the funniest Twitter accounts out there.





Content creator, presenter and huge Arsenal fan. The founder of the Women’s Matchday Show, Pippa is slowly but surely making her mark on all our screens.





An award print and digital magazine that has dedicated every edition to outstanding football writing, analysis of defining moments, as well as introducing new creative talent to its readers. We love it. You will too, we can assure you. In fact, just subscribe to them here, now.





Hands down one of our favourite illustrators. Nothing is off limits – it is why the likes of VICE trust him to illustrate for them, time and time again. Follow him. If not for his football content, then for his mocking of Trump and other undesirables.





Probably the coolest mag around and one that constantly points us all in the right direction when it comes to terrace fashion and popular culture. They’re also the givers of the football shirt themed mugs. And we simply love them for that.





Want an insight into the mind of one of Nike’s top creative minds? Well, here you have it.





An independent magazine celebrating stories of black women in football. Buy it here.





We’ve been a huge fan of Daryl’s for sometime. This year, with all its woes, has only led to more gems from this illustrator.





A magazine that links one passion – football - with another – fine art. “The artists featured in OOF peel back the layers of meaning in this obsessive sport, and help us make sense of something bigger and more ungraspable in the process.” Football and art have been combined and the results are wonderful.





Based out of East London, the Soho Warriors Football Club were formed in 2010, becoming the first creative club in England. Made up of illustrators, designers, writers, models, directors, all of whom meet every Friday night for a game. The team has been behind events for adidas, Stone Island and END clothing as well as collaborating with NYC skater brand, Chrystie NYC. It’s a community built by creatives, bulging at the seams with talent.






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