Shirts: February 12, 2020

adidas have revealed the CR Flamengo home shirt for the 2020 season, with the launch of a classic look with a thicker hooped approach. It won’t be for everyone – as it follows the Euro 2020 look of a hand-painted effect.

The hand-painted design for this shirt takes inspiration from the colourful mosaics that litter the streets of Rio de Janeiro. The intention was to have a shirt that reflected CR Flamengo’s environment.

A wider shaped shirt, there’s little difference between the ‘stadium’ shirt and what the players will be wearing. Both share the same fit and fabric technology.Don’t worry we won’t bore you with the details around this. All you need to know – it absorbs sweat! Peace of mind we’re sure.



To accompany the launch of the shirt, MC Cabelinho has also announced that he has recorded a song, which will go out on his social channels on 15th February. One too look out for - obviously. Getting in on the launch action also, were MC Rebecca and Marcelo D2.


The shirt will be first worn by the players in their clash with Atletico Paranaenseon, in the Brazilian Super cup.

Want it? You can buy it here.






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