Nike release Premier League 21/22 official third ball

Nike release Premier League 21/22 official third ball

Winter is almost over and Spring is just around the corner. It's when contenders start to turn into believers and tensions for teams around the bottom of the table get even greater. So naturally, introducing a third option for the official match day ball is surely a given!

Switching from a hi-vis to a cooler 'white-baltic blue' the third ball follows the same design style of the earlier releases, but this one has some further improvements. 




This edition features 12 signal pods – to you and I these are the circles that appear across the football's surface. These act to drive visual performance which in turn allows the players to read the spin and pace of the ball. Clever right?!




Now on to the science... well it's the same flight ball, which has in fact been in use since the start of last season, such is the ball's popularity and success. Which of course is good news for all you sport-science fans, who'll be pleased to know you'll still get the AerowSculpt tech that has proven game changing.




So there you have it... the tech is here to stay, the ball's graphics have continued to please the eye and Nike's confirmation as King of Ball creators for the Prem is secure!

The Nike 21/22 Premier League Third ball is available from tomorrow.





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