nss Bambino - Those who dream

nss Bambino - Those who dream

nss collaborate with the natural-wine store and bar in Paris, Bambino, and Kappa in to create a unique jersey that aims to celebrate creativity.

Inspired by the Bambino name, nss has created "Ceux qui rêvent", a homage to those who never stop dreaming and are constantly inspired. 


The jersey is enriched with a brand new Kappa logo, where the iconic 'omini' from the brands becomes two young guys, two "bambini".


From an aesthetics point of view the jersey is inspired by the Y2K trend, with a boxy fit and a shiny colourway. Along with the jersey, nss have also created shorts and a scarf to make up the collection. 


All items will be launched at Bambino today, in it's first official event that will mark the first step of nss in France. 

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