Spurs 20/21 Training Wear Collection

Spurs 20/21 Training Wear Collection

As we digest the fact that football is about to make a return and quickly conclude the season, clubs are also preparing for the season ahead. The brands are itching to release their 20/21 collections or in some cases, start shouting about new partnerships. First to the table, teasing their fans are Nike and Spurs, who have released their Training Wear collection.

Featuring a combination of Lava Glow and Binary Blue across their training collection, Nike kick off the fourth year of their partnership with a collection that indicates a strong sense of style for the new season ahead – when ever this may be.

Spurs, who signed a 15 year deal with Nike at the start of 2017, (reportedly costing the American/global sport giants a whopping $30 million a year) have set their stall out early and in our opinion, a rather bold way.

The warm-up or pre-match jersey, sports a textured blue and yellow graphic that has a whiff of the 90’s boldness about it. While the ‘Dry strike jacket’ (very COD) and ‘Dry strike shorts’ show-off the bold ‘Lava Glow’ colour palette.

Pink and blue. Shouldn’t work, does work.

The training tee is certainly one for the sunny, Saturday out-door markets. Dare we dream... pre match beer garden scenes.

Will the colour ways be for everyone? We reckon so and with us all thirsting for football, this is certainly making us feel the return of it. So, it’s hard not to be pleased to see this collections release.

It’s a, tentative double thumbs up, from us.

Thanks, Nike and Spurs. Thanks for giving us a glimmer of excitement that football is one step closer to returning. And with that, bringing new season fashion releases along with it.

You can grab bits from the collection here.

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