The 2019 MIFA Project

The 2019 MIFA Project

In the summer of 2018, illustrator Dave Will created the MIFA (Missing In Football Album) project to coincide with the 2018 World Cup.

As a big fan of Panini Stickers, Dave realised that there were plenty of players at the World Cup who hadn't been included in the sticker album, so he set out to draw them all! Dave soon realised it was too big of a task for one person, (there were 254 missing players in total) so he set-about opening it up to the design community to get involved.

Illustration for MIFA 2019 by Dan Evans
Artists from around the world picked a player to draw and the illustrations were displayed in an online gallery on Dave's website.

The project proved so popular that he has created a limited edition run of printed books featuring all of the artwork. With 100% of the profits going to a local charity.

For the Women's World Cup, Dave decided to bring the project back. This time, there are 201 players missing from the official panini sticker album, so following the same format as last year, he's asked artists/illustrators from around the world to get involved.


Illustration for MIFA 2019 by Zem Clarke

Over 150 different artists have pledged to draw the 201 players, with the illustrations being added to Dave Will's website as and when they are sent in.

Dave has also got England and Manchester United Women's Goalkeeper Siobhan Chamberlain involved in the project.

Siobhan has pledged to write the foreword to the book that will be released, offering first hand insight to playing for England at a World Cup.



Illustration for MIFA 2019 by Yulius Wisnu



Illustration for MIFA 2019 by Andre Human



Illustration for MIFA 2019 by Eve Jo

Another printed book, again with all profits going to charity, is now on sale, to currently pre-order. It's limited to just 201 copies, (one for every player missing from the album) so you'll need to act fast.

The book is available from Dave Will's website here.


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