The Fortaleza Shirt

The Fortaleza Shirt

For over a decade now, Colombian side Fortaleza C.E.I.F have felt like a club ahead of their time. 

Established back in 2007, the side realised early that without access to the wealth and influence of the country's largest clubs, they would have to do things a little differently to survive and thrive in the tough world of Colombian football.


With this in mind the club has, from the outset, maintained a heavy focus on developing and bringing through youth players.

They also realised early the power of social media in building awareness for their project. Having started tweeting way back in 2011, the club have amassed a seriously impressive 143 thousand Twitter followers to date with their humorous and engaging content. 


Fortaleza’s approach is a simple one, in a world of bland, safe and corporate football teams, they  genuinely seem like they are having some fun. And nowhere is that more evident than with the release of their latest kit, a COVID fundraising effort that launched with a little help from a character known as ‘Lord Forta’. 

In a slick two and a half minute animation, we are introduced to the Carlos Valderrama inspired mythical priest, Lord Forta, who prophesied that a new club would come along to unite fans and bring joy to Colombian football whilst establishing the biggest academy in the country. 


You can buy the 2021 Fortaleza home shirt here.

It’s pure Fortaleza, it may be fun and slightly absurd, but at its core it’s a highly serious and ambitious mission statement. The club understands that while it’s great to have built up so much interest and such a remarkable following in such a short time, lasting success comes from within. 

The shirts design itself features the cloak and meme-glasses, given to the players by Lord Forta, which complete the players 'armour'. While the lower front features a fun print of a flying Fortaleza figure doing battle with virus emojis. 

To the back is an education emoji to symbolise the clubs academy while the design is finished with the teams badge, the double raised fists of unity.

The club have ensured that 10% of the sales from each shirt will go directly to funding testing and covid prevention in some of Colombia’s most vulnerable communities.


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