It’s that time of year folks. Kit manufacturers are starting to unveil their latest international collections, and Nike’s has certainly got us locked in healthy debate at Cult Kits HQ.

Overall it’s a strong but reasonably safe collection with a couple of obvious standouts. Read our views and ratings for each of them below:


Netherlands '20/21

The Netherlands doesn’t need to try too hard with such iconic colours. The latest effort certainly doesn’t rock the boat, but as it’s been designed to celebrate “strength and bravery” I’d have liked to see bolder detailing. The recessive geometric pattern doesn’t work hard enough for me.

Cult Kits rating: 1-0.

It’s won the game, but by doing the bare minimum.


Finland '20/21

This kit is the business. We don’t see the oversized flag motif used enough these days, if it ever was. Nike does it for Finland with poise and balance, spreading it onto the arms and colouring it like a crisp midnight in Helskini. 

Cult Kits rating: 3-0

A complete, controlled performance but holds back from around the 63rd min with the game already won.


France '20/21

France has a reputation to preserve. They are World Champions. They have Kylian Mbappé. Their ridiculously talented current crop of players is the envy of the world. Their latest kit is as effortlessly stylish as a no-look Pogba pass, and will only attract more envious glares. 

Cult Kits rating: 3-0

Like France in the group stages of a tournament, this sails through at a canter.


Norway '20/21

Let’s not waste any breath on the nondescript home kit. Norway’s away jersey is cool, and in every sense of the term. It’s like it’s been quarried from a Nordic glacier. I can half see a woolly mammoth skeleton embedded in it. 

Cult Kits rating: 3-2

Very easy on the eye, but there’s a hollowness to this pair that is a cause for concern.


Poland '20/21

I’ve been a long admirer of Poland’s kits by Nike but I’m torn on this one. Moving that commanding crest to the centre of the shirt is a good, retro move and it contributes to an altogether appealingly classic look. But there’s a cold sterility to it that troubles me too. I can’t help but feel it would look more at home on Centre Court than in a football stadium. 

Cult Kits rating: 1-1

A game of two halves that showcases neither the best or worst.


Portugal '20/21

Portugal’s sport-conflating home kit suffers from the same clinicism as Poland’s, but their away kit is complete redemption. If Cristiano Ronaldo et al didn’t wear enough Gucci already they can now wear Nike’s (perhaps) unintentional homage to the luxury brand when on international duty. For me, it’s the closest I’ll get to wearing Gucci and I’m fine with that.

Cult Kits rating: 5-1

A flashy, exciting, peacocking performance that conceded a late goal to deny the clean sheet.


Croatia '20/21

Croatia’s zany checkerboard template has been a winning formula for decades, and has given us some truly classic shirts. This by-the-numbers effort from Nike only consolidates this, and doesn’t really add anything to raise an already high bar.

Cult Kits rating: 2-1


Turkey '20/21

Like Finland, Turkey have used their flag as the dominant motif of this otherwise minimalist kit from Nike. It’s not done with quite as much personality as Finland’s, but it’s still sleek, smart and very wearable.

Cult Kits rating: 2-0

A professional display with plenty to like, but not love.


England '20/21

Nike’s England kits have been fairly safe, but their latest interpretation is a bit more interesting. On the home kit, the narrow round neck and centrally positioned crest/swoosh combo are unusual features that work. It’s a considered 90s riff that proves Nike remains the masters of doing a lot with a little.

Cult Kits rating: 2-1

A courageous win that was a little shaky at times.


Words by Dom Kocur

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