There’s a number of reasons celebrities end up in the football shirt of an unexpected team. You’ve got the true fans like Viggo Mortensen, a man whose undying love for San Lorenzo saw him don a blazer featuring the sides logo on the Oscars red carpet. Then there’s ya Snoop Dogg’s, celebrities whose approach is to basically wear the shirt of whichever town or city they happen to be touring in that week.

We’ve made it something of a mission to document as many of these celebrity football shirt sightings as we can. So, with that in mind, we are back with another ten of the best. 

Now there are some rules to this vague list.

1. Wearing the shirt is a must, no two second photo opp with a shirt thrust in a bewildered celebrities face. 

2. It’s got to be unexpected, no Ed Sheeran wearing an Ipswich Town shirt or McConaughey in Austin FC.

3. Lastly touring musicians are allowed but at this point posting Snoop is at least a yellow card offence. 


So with the rules laid down, let’s begin. 


Mandela wearing Liverpool 

In his first year in office as South African President, Nelson Mandela welcomed Liverpool on a 1994 pre season tour and proudly donned their (fantastic) home shirt. 


Bob Marley in Nantes  

On the eve of a major concert in the city, Bob Marley and the Wailers? organised a kick about with newly crowned Ligue 1 champs, Nantes. As you do. 


Kobe Bryant AC Milan 

Kobe famously spent a chunk of his childhood in Italy, just as AC Milan and Arrigo Sacchi were forming arguably the greatest club side ever. Their influence stuck and Kobe remained a Milan fan for the rest of his life. 


Vern Troyer in Leeds 

There’s not much on why Verne Troyer turned up at Elland Road back in 2015, other than he had the dubious distinction go being a special guest of Massimo Cellino. He was at least treated to a 2-0 Leeds win. 


Madonna Atletico  

Madonna donned several Spanish sides shirts during her tour across Spain, Celta Vigo being another example. But we’ve got to applaud her for at least opting for the more interesting option in a two horses race of Madrid based teams. 


Spike Lee Juventus 

A decade before Drake put pink Juve tops firmly in the spotlight, Spike Lee was wearing his with pride during the 2004 Venice Film Festival. Bonus points for accessorising with a matching pink flat cap.


Ayrton Senna Corinthians 

We’ll admit we are breaking rule #2 here. Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna had a lifelong affiliation with his hometown club, Corinthians. So much so that he was once pictured wearing a Corinthians shirt under his racing suit on race day. The club later honoured him with a stunning tribute shirt.


Mike Tyson Peterborough

Mike Tyson made one of footballs oddest celebrity appearances back in 2010 when he took the field at half time of a preseason Peterborough vs West Ham game in a Peterborough shirt with his name on the back before announcing over loudspeaker that he had never heard of Peterborough


Justin Bieber Everton

The online worlds of teenage pop football fandom collided in 2015 when Justin Bieber was seen having a kick about in an Everton third shirt. It’s still a little confusing but the fact that the island he was spotted on was owned by Everton director Robert Earl seems to have played a part. 


Bob Marley Palmeiras 

When trawling the archives it becomes  clear that in the world of random celebrity football shirts, Bob Marley is second only to Snoop Dogg. While Snoop’s efforts occasionally feel a little cynical, Marley just really loved football. So much so that he once said, “Football is part of I, When I play the world wakes up around me”. Which is nice.


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Words by Andy Gallagher

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