Artist Showcase: Dan Evans

Everyone, (whether you're a creative or not) has either an artist or designer, that on some level, speaks to them. Someone they connect with on a level culturally or otherwise. For us, that artist is Dan Evans.

Now, we've been lucky enough to work with Dan on a number of occasions. So much so, that when we're not... we're left feeling jealous of what he's producing with others. He's an artist that never fails to capture the culture, humour and opinion of the terraces, as well as celebrating the cult like figures that come out of a season's exploits.

We decided to sit down once again with Dan, to chat about his beloved Arsenal and his unrivalled love for Ian Wright.

CK: What's your earliest football memory?

DE: My very first football match. My primary school was on Upper Street just down the road from the stadium and we used to get given a bunch of tickets by the club to go to games. The first live game I went to was against the Danish club Odense BK in the Cup Winners Cup (the year we won it!). It was a 1-1 draw and Kevin Campbell scored. I was hooked from day 1.

CK: Tell us what you've been working on lately?

DE: I worked with UEFA on their social media campaign for the champions league final which was incredible. By far the biggest audience for my work so far. I’ve also just finished working on a campaign for The Big Football Day with the F.A and Nike which was a grass roots football event planned around the start of the World Cup which was a lot of fun to work on. 




"After the success of our Saka tee, I’m cooking up some really cool things with A Store Like 94. We have a shared love of 90s footy and bootleg merch."


CK: You've met some heroes in football, who has been your standout?

DE: Ian wright. Absolutely no question. An Arsenal legend and just an all round amazing human being. I’ve been lucky enough to work with him a couple of times and it’s always so surreal because he was such a hero to me growing up.

CK: What's been your standout piece/job/collab of 2023 so far?

DE: I worked on a Saka/Akira bootleg t-shirt with A Store Like 94 which I’m really really proud of. It’s pretty niche, but it was a big hit with all the Manga loving Gooners out there.




CK: What other work is catching your eye at the moment?

DE: There’s an artist called Ruth Emma who paints amazing football related pictures. I’m lucky enough to own her original painting of a Mitre Ultimax and it’s my new favourite thing. 

CK: What do you think your team's chances are this coming season?

DE: The Invincibles part 2. Plus the treble. 




CK: What's your standout footy shirt for the 23/24 season?

DE: The AFC Wimbledon third shirt is brilliant. Also I’m strangely drawn to the Barnsley home shirt. Feels like something you’d make yourself on Pro Evo.

CK: What do you think of your team's shirts this year?

DE: adidas has set the bar pretty high for us, especially after last season. I feel like this season is a bit of a backwards step overall. But when we win the league wearing that bonkers away kit, it will become an instant classic. 

CK: Can you tell us what you've got coming up – any exciting collaborations/works we should look out for?

DE: After the success of our Saka tee,  I’m cooking up some really cool things with A Store Like 94. We have a shared love of 90s footy and bootleg merch so hopefully we can make some of our weird dreams a reality! 


I’ve also got a piece coming out in the new issue of Poison Lasagna, the Arsenal fanzine from Eighteen86 . Oh and a t-shirt I did with them too!

Basically I’m at my happiest when I get to collaborate with brilliant people. So, I try and do it as much as I can. 


You can view more of Dan's work here and follow him on Instagram here.

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