How the Cult formed

A website dedicated to the intrinsic beauty and decades-old, traditions of association football attire. Welcome to Cult Kits.

Founded by three friends with a passion for fan culture and jerseys from across the globe. Cult Kits is a sanctuary where fans can admire, read and buy. We stock thousands of original vintage football shirts, along with unique bench, training and outer wear. We love the weird and the wonderful, as well as the all time classics.

We consider ourselves champions of all forms of culture that exists in and around our beautiful game. At Cult Kits we appreciate the finer things. The community we reflect are made up of connoisseurs – as well as the raw, creative and daring.

Cult Kits also features the latest news on the latest jersey drops, boot releases and collections. Covering popular and emerging brands, as well as creative movements who are telling the stories that underpin the greatest game on earth.

Learn more about the team below as we pick our top 5 shirts from our recent stock from THE CULT KITS VIEW: FIVE SHIRTS WE LOVE series.


Rob - Owner


Cult Kits | Rob Top Five Football Shirts - Mexico 98, Club America, Huracan, Inter Milan and Newcastle GK

Mexico 1998 Home Shirt

"France 98 is the first World Cup I can properly remember and for me it’s the best ever tournament for kits. This Mexico one is absolutely mad in all the right ways. Made by the Mexican brand ABA Sport and with the unforgettable Aztec design it was a great introduction to the likes of Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Jorge Campos and Luis Hernandez."

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Club America 1994 Home Shirt

"This one is all about the design: An adidas classic which gives the current crop of template’s a bad name. I could easily have opted for the version used by Germany at USA 94 but the Club America colours are undefeated and Coca-Cola is one of those rare sponsors that enhances a shirt."

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David - Owner


Cult Kits | Davey Top Five Football Shirts - England 1996, Man United, Nagoya Grampus, Gremio and Aston Villa


England 1996/97 Away Shirt

What a summer this was! The summer refutably labelled as when ‘football almost came home’. It took me years to forgive old Gareth for that nervous penalty shambles. Now, this shirt simply represents a night of excitement and what could have been for England at Euro 96. Again, a shirt colour scheme I’d not witnessed before, not to mention a centred badge and logo. Like a fine wine, this shirt has only got better with age.

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Aston Villa 1990/92 Home Shirt

This shirt is one that sets Umbro out against the rest. It’s a template that the ‘double diamond’ lot, used for several teams across the top flight, ahead of the formation of the Premier League, the following season. But it was Villa’s colours, that always stuck in my mind. Alongside their old club badge, you can get lost in the details of this shirt there are so many. It’s one of those designs that has bought my brand loyalty with Umbro when it comes to football shirts. It’s one I don’t imagine will ever be broken.

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George - General Manager


Cult Kits | Top Five Football Shirts - Japan 1994, JEF United, South Korea, Napoli and Athletic Bilbao


Japan 1993/94 Home Shirt

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Or so Puma thought when they took over Japan’s kit manufacturing duties from Asics in the 90s. Clearly in love with that jagged motif on the front as much as we are - like a Velociraptor has tried to grab a fist full of King Kazu - they decided not to change a thing.

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Napoli 1991/93 Away Shirt

Another example of when a good template is made classic by a club’s interpretation. Napoli’s colourway complimented the cracked glass effect along the shoulders perfectly, and the retro lettering of the sponsor - a pasta manufacturer - is quintessential 90s Serie A.

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Josh - Product Manager


Cult Kits | Top Five Football Shirts, Liverpool, Kashiwa, Boca Juniors, Roma and Fluminense


Boca Juniors 1993/95 Home Shirt

Choosing a favourite Boca shirt is like choosing a favourite offspring. But if a gun was held to my head this one hits all the right spots. Just like Diego did when he wore it.

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Fluminense 1992/94 Home Shirt

Fluminense’s kits have remained virtually the same for decades and we hope that never changes. Many Brazilian club shirts go slightly overboard with the amount of stuff they splash all over them, but Fluminense always get it just right along with their irresistible colour scheme.

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Dom - Content Contributor


Cult Kits | Top Five Football Shirts, Germany 1990, Marseille, Argentina, Japan and Fiorentina


Germany 1988/90 Home Shirt

This is the Steve McQueen of football shirts. If Steve McQueen was European and studied at Bauhaus. Nobody does cool minimalism better than the Germans, and with a fairly simple design based on a motif in the colours of the German flag, they created a genuine masterpiece and everlasting source of shirt design inspiration.

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Marseille 1991/92 Home Shirt

Everything is just so elegantly laid out on this work of understated beauty. Look at the the Adidas logo: neatly placed on the middle of three bold, modernistic shoulder stripes. Genius. And then you’ve got the sponsor, completing the design like it actually needs to be there.

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