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Capturing energy and authenticity is not easy. Some may shoot a million roles of film, and still not get the shot. Others only have to study their subjects for a few seconds before and with one click of a button, create a moment to re visit over, and over again. Elliott Wilcox is one of those photographers.

Based in both London and NYC, Elliott has worked with talent at the very top and is a brands go-too for their next campaign. His work is at the forefront of fashion, youth culture and sport. He's won several awards and has his works seen by millions. 

“Break the rules, don’t go to school and holiday forever; my art teacher once sung that to me and I never went back!”

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Elliott and hearing more about what he's been up to recently, his upcoming works and naturally... his thoughts on the latest shirt releases.


CK: First things first, and we ask everyone this,... who do you support?

EW: I'm a Cherries fan...

CK: OK, we were't expecting that – not sure why to be honest, but that's very refreshing to hear. So, what's your earliest football memory?

EW: On a rare cold and rainy Tuesday night at Dean Court Bournemouth, my old man shouting; ‘Go back to making pots!’ to a raw of laughter as a Stoke player takes a throw in. Only years later did I understand the sentiment, haha. I miss Tuesday night football in the prem. 

CK: Haha, so do we... Tell us what you've been working on lately?

EW: My new website - !

CK: We're not just buttering you up here, Elliott – it is a thing of beauty. How has 2023 treated you so far? Have you had any standout projects already?




EW: The Manchester City kit launch, it’s always great fun shooting groups of top players and fans mixing together. Makes for some special moments and for me that’s what it’s all about.



CK: What do you think your team's chances are this coming season?

EW: Always happy to be there haha, no we’ve got a great chance to stay up and develop this year, I am excited to see how the team and playing style grows under the new manager Iraola. Though we’re desperate for a lot of injured signings to come in to the squad, I think that’ll make the difference. It’s great to see David Brooks back in his Bournemouth shirt and scoring! 





CK: What's your standout footy shirt for the 23/24 season?

EW: I’ve seen a lot of people rocking the Arsenal third, I’d say that even though I do live in North London so my shirt viewing is obviously biased. As a shirt it’s got a classic feel and can be styled well, loved the campaign that went with it. I'm bored of the crazy patterned nostalgia kits we’ve seen over the last few years, let’s move on. 

CK: What do you think of your team's shirts this year?

EW: Great. As with the above it’s got that classic almost retro feel that feels fresh, I hope this is the direction we’re moving in for the next couple of seasons. Rest our eyes haha. 




CK: What have you got coming up – anything exciting we should look out for?

EW: I am working on a long term project shooting football fans / communities so hoping to share some more of that as the year goes on. I’ve always loved documenting football fans, it’s where it all started for me, there is no buzz like being in a football crowd. It’s fun hiding behind the camera too.





CK: Yea we hear you, you can't beat the match day experience, can you?! Well, we're looking forward to seeing this one. We know the answer to this one, but just remind our readers where they can checkout more of your beautiful work?

EW: You can catch me on Instagram @ellwilcox .


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