Beats by Dre produces new animated short featuring Marcus Rashford and Dave

Beats by Dre produces new animated short featuring Marcus Rashford and Dave

Ahead of the start of the new Premier League season, Beats by Dre (Beats) has linked up with the artist Gaia Alari and pre-eminent rapper Dave to produce a 60-second animated short starring Manchester United forward, Marcus Rashford.

“Never Beaten," which comes to life in the form of a flipbook, visualises Marcus’ footballing journey in a whole new light. From early starts and late finishes, to experiencing the highest of highs and lowest of lows, the short highlights his never-ending pursuit of greatness. Marcus stays resilient to the pressures of the modern game by using the power of music to balance his thought process and block out external noise. 


Manchester United fan Dave provides words of motivation as the narrator for the animation. Speaking on the theme of ‘greatness’, he likens it to a ‘painting’ of which Marcus has spent a lifetime creating, but is still yet to finish. Touching on setbacks, comebacks and the future ahead, Dave provides a defiant message of support to his friend, declaring ‘greatness is in you’


After 12 months of ups and downs, in which Marcus has had to withstand a torrent of online hate, the Mancunian is laser-focused on success for both the club and his fans, stating: 

“The thing I love about football is that it gives you the opportunity to rewrite chapters every season. No one chapter can define you. This rallying cry from Dave, who’s a good friend of mine, sums it up perfectly. We pick ourselves up and we go again. Together. United.

Dave has a way with words that can articulate feeling like no one else. He understands that football mirrors life, you’re always going to face obstacles but it’s how you react and recover that defines us.” 

Watch the video HERE.

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