Nike Unveil PSG 21/22 Third Shirt

Nike Unveil PSG 21/22 Third Shirt

Nike takes inspiration from the 90s, with the launch of the PSG 21/22 third shirt. There’s some serious Nike Tennis vibes to be had here.

An iconic Hechter centre stripe, placed on a 90 takes centre stage here with the club crest dressed in “Electric Red” moves to the quintessential 90’s kits-persona of a central position. Think Umbro 1996-98 football shirts.



We’ll be honest… we like it. We’re suckers for a black shirt with a monochrome theme. The ‘electric red’ – yes that is what it is called, nike repeated on the sleeves is undoubtedly going to make the shirt go down well with collectors, with the brand repeating the swoosh in an unexpected way. Allegedly it represents both PSG the club and Paname – the nickname for the club… OK, whatever. It’s more likely due to brand visibility reasons when in play more than anything else, but we like the touch regardless.



This shirt won’t be for everyone – but for CK it’s a 7/10 and one we’re likely to see crop up in the old ‘hall of fame or shame’ debate that we all like to have.

The PSG third shirt is available from Friday.


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