The Nine Greatest Roma Shirts… EVER!

‘Core de sta città’ (heart of this city) sing the Roma fans in their anthem, and it's absolutely true. The Giallorossi represents a true religion for one half of the Italian capital, boasting one of the most passionate fan bases in all of Europe.

What’s more, Roma have worn some of the most beautiful jerseys of the last 20 years. Here are eight of their very best.

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9th place - Season 2022-2023 - HOME (special edition).

8th place - Season 2022-2023 - HOME (special edition)Sometimes, the small details make all the difference. Due to the insolvency of previous sponsor Digitalbits, the Giallorossi replaced the company’s logo with the emblematic acronym SPQR (Senatus Populusque Romanus) - a symbol of the city dating back to ancient times. The result is a jersey that takes on a completely different charm.

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8th place - Season 2020/21 - Home

5th place - Season 2020/21 - HomeBefore ending their tenure as Roma's technical sponsor, Nike created what would become one of their best jerseys for the Giallorossi during the 2020/21 season. Some fans have affectionately referred to this kit as the ‘Ghiacciolo’ (ice pop) because it recalls the vibrant colours of ice creams. Regardless, it’s a future classic.


7th place - Season 2019-2020 - Third 

7th place - Season 2019-2020 - Third

Yes, blue is certainly not the colour that comes to mind when talking about Roma. However, this shade, in a darker tone than the light blue of their city rivals, has often featured in their third kits. The most recent example is this beauty used during the 2019/20 season, which sold out almost immediately and has since become a highly sought-after piece among fans and collectors. It took inspiration from another jersey on this list…

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6th place - Season 1999-2000 - Home

6th place - Season 1999-2000 - HomeThe relationship between Roma and their technical sponsor Diadora was interrupted during the 1999/2000 season but resumed in the 2003/04 campaign. While some of the kits that came from this relationship are forgettable, there were some exceptions like this one, from the 1999/2000 season, which featured a distinctive stylised wolf design on the shoulders. Additionally, the ‘Ina assitalia’ sponsor is easily recognisable for those who followed the team during the 1990s.


5th place - Season 1994/95 - Away

4th place - Season 1994/95 - AwayAmong the many brands that have outfitted Roma in the last 30 years, Asics still stands out. The Japanese brand, which supplied kits to several Italian teams at that time, dressed Roma from 1993 to 1997, producing excellent jerseys, including this gorgeous away kit that was simple yet full of character.



4th place - Season 2000/01 - Europe edition  


Who could forget this shirt being worn during those fantastic Champions League nights? Back then Roma lined up with Batistuta, Totti, Cafu, and a host of other household names. It was a unique kit that marked the team's return to the grand stage of European football, following their triumph in the previous season's Serie A.



3rd place - Season 1995/96 - Cup edition


Roma in green. You don’t see it very often but on this evidence, it definitely needs a revisit. Only worn in UEFA Cup and Coppa Italia games, it’s become somewhat of a grail for collectors. And those long sleeves elevate it to another level!



2nd place - Season 1991/92 - Third

roma-1991-92-Third-cult-kitsThis was the inspiration for the Nike 2019/20 third shirt, as listed above. The template was used by Adidas for various teams, but few wore it as well as Roma. The inclusion of the old wolf logo (not to mention the Barilla sponsor) further enhances the jersey, turning it into a true masterpiece.

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1st place - Season 1991/92 - Home

1st place - Season 1991/92 - HomeIt had to be, didn’t it? This is flawless. A masterpiece. Iconic. Sexual.

The red hue, yellow trim, the iconic sponsor, and the Adidas trefoil logo combine to elevate this to god-like status. What more could you ask for? Well, there was also the victory coccarda of the Coppa Italia, with the club logo moved to the right sleeve.

It is just perfection.

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