cult kits x jared soares photoshoot


Cult Kits and Washington DC based photographer, Jared Soars team up to shoot a selection of vintage and classic cult kits, which looked at bringing the beach to the studio. 



After falling in love with Jared's work, we only thought it right to kit out the US based photographer with a selection of kits from the Bundes Liga, Premier League, Serie A, and have him invite some friends over to try them on with some fits. 


cult kits x jared soares image 1

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cult kits x jared soares


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The studio set looked to capture Jared's love of Sandy Point, a state park in Maryland with beautiful features, as well as those moments between games. The time spent putting your kit on, your boots on – simply being in that moment ahead of a game or even just a practise.


cult kits x jared soares


cult kits x jared soares


cult kits x jared soares


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It's these little in between moments, the subtle gestures that formed the base of this shoot along with a formal portraiture style. The shoot ended up being a collaborative affair, just as his work with Virginia Dream FC is – with ideas from everyone brought in to enable the creation of something being created that is bigger than themselves.


cult kits x jared soares


cult kits x jared soares


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Zoe Vidaurre - @zo.vidaurre
Everton and Jamaica

Haamida Niang - @lefantepeule
AC Milan, Dortmund, USA, Portugal Rui Costa and Arsenal Dennis Bergkamp

Edison Gironedison - @_giron
Arsenal JVC, Ipswich Town, Man United Cantona and USA

Roger Rojas-Goodbold - @roger_rojas8
Man City, Everton and England warm up jacket



Jared Soares - @jaredsoares
Arsenal Highbury anniversary


Lucas Mendes - @_lm97
Benfica and Washington Spirit


Lawren Simoons - @lawrensimmons


Daniel Khudyak - @zootzootzootzoot


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