Crystal Palace's 24/25 home kit by Macron


The 24/25 kit overview

Football shirts for the 2024/25 season are gradually being released so we have started compiling a list of all next year's kits so you can stay up to date.

Our list includes confirmed shirts from the Premier League, La Liga, the Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1, as well as all the international releases.

They are even some leaked 24/25 kits for you to check out. And we'll keep updating this list as more clubs release the jerseys they'll be wearing next season.

Right, let's get into it - new season kits.

Newcastle United 2024/25 adidas home kit

Newcastle United 2024/25 home shirt by adidas

A return to adidas for the Geordies and it's a solid start. In fact, this might be one of the nicest of the new Premier League kits. Rumours abound that the away shirt will pay homage to their burgundy and navy hooped shirt from 1995/96 - let's hope so because it remains one of the great Premier League kits. 

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Crystal Palace 2024/25 Macron home kit

Crystal Palace 24/25 home shirt

Corrrrr, this is nice. Palace's new home kit marks a return to the club’s trademark red and blue stripes, with embedded repeated eagles nesting within the contrasting sections and a fine red, white and blue trim sported around the collar and sleeves, with matching shorts. As part of the club’s celebrations to mark 100 years since the official opening of Selhurst Park, the kit also features a commemorative ‘stamp’ on the back collar of the shirt. 

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LEAKED Arsenal 2024/25 adidas third kit

Leaked Arsenal 24/25 adidas third kit

This leak comes from Mr Jersey - and we are praying it's accurate because that is a thing of god damn beauty. The trefoil badge - widely expected to adorn all adidas's third kits next season - combined with the stripped back canon badge is glorious, while the northern lights-inspired colourway is positively dreamy. We very much like.

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UNAM Pumas 2024/25 Nike home and away kits

UNAM Pumas kits 2024/25

If you know Cult Kits, you'll be aware of our love of Mexican shirts, in particular UNAM Pumas, who always have incredible jerseys. And we're happy to announce that next season's home and away are insanely beautiful, especially the home, which takes it cues from the 1997/98 away kit.  


Chivas 2024/25 Puma home kit

Chivas home shirt 2024/25 by Puma

A nice neckline on this one for Chivas from Puma. The various sponsors using the same tone of red for their logos helps retain a sense of consistency in the aesthetic.

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Jamaica 2024/25 adidas home and away kits

Jamaica's home and away shirts for 2024/25
A couple of absolute belters from adidas for Jamaica. There's some lovely detailing on the home shirt but the away is absolute chaos... glorious, beautiful chaos.


Real Madrid 2024/25 adidas home kit

Real Madrid adidas home

A really nice houndstooth pattern adorns the new Real Madrid shirt, representing the cleanest home kit design to grace the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in recent memory.

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Tottenham 2024/25 Nike home kit

Tottenham home kit, 2024/25

A slightly more adventurous Spurs kit than we've seen from Nike for a while. The detailing on the sleeve cuffs are great and Tottenham's cockerel logo remains one of the best in the business. 

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Ajax 2024/25 adidas away kit

Ajax adidas away kit

Ajax have been treated to some really nice garbs by adidas in recent seasons and their 2024/25 away kit continues the tradition nicely. 

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Celtic 2024/25 adidas home kit

Celtic adidas home kit

A fairly sold effort from adidas for Celtic. The addition of the detailing on the collar helps lift this from 'alright' to 'bit better than alright'. 

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AC Milan 2024/25 Puma home kit

AC Milan kit for the 2024/25 season

We reckon this might just be Puma's best AC Milan shirt yet. The white collar and cuffs are a great addition, as is the underarm paneling. The Rossoneri are going to look great in 2024/25.

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Sporting 2024/25 Nike home kit

Sporting home shirt

The addition of black hoops on Sporting's home shirt is quite a statement from Nike - but we think it looks great. 


Borussia Dortmund 2024/25 Puma home kit

Dortmund's kit for the 2024/25 season

Puma haven't been helped by the return of an ugly sponsor logo (why is it square?) but this is a decent effort. The black sleeves are a nice touch, while the pinstripe gives off some retro vibes. 

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Bologna 2024/25 Macron home kit

Bologna home kit

No one does red and navy stripes better than Bologna. Their 2024/25 shirt, from Macron, is an absolute triumph, helped in no small part by a lovely sponsor and the club's gorgeous crest. 


Man City 2024/25 Puma home kit

Man City kit

After some fairly underwhelming shirts in recent seasons, Puma have delivered a really nice jersey for Man City next season. A classic look with superb flourishes on the collar and cuffs - a kit fit for champions.

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Arsenal 2024/25 adidas home kit

Arsenal home kit

Big early 90s vibes with the new Arsenal x adidas shirt. The navy detailing helps with the nostalgic aesthetic. If rumours are to be believed, the Gunners' new third kit will be even easier on the eye. 

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Lyon 2024/25 adidas home kit

Lyon home kit

Lyon have been treated to some great shirts by adidas in recent seasons - and this is another to add to the list. 

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Fiorentina 2024/25 Kappa home kit

Fiorentina 24/25 home kit
A Fiorentina and Kappa combo can't really go wrong, can it? And while this is on the fairly conservative side, it's still great. 


Liverpool 2024/25 Nike home kit

The new Liverpool 24/25 kit

The design for next season's Liverpool kit is a modern take on the shirt worn by the Reds to European Cup glory in Rome 40 years ago. The collar is a bold statement - although we're not sure if that's a good thing. 


Bayern Munich 2024/25 adidas home kit

Bayern Munich home kit 24/25

Bayern are back in red and it feels like the world is a little bit more normal again. Maybe a return to traditional colours will be the catalyst for Harry Kane to finally win a medal.


Juventus LEAKED 2024/25 adidas kit

 Juventus leaked 24/25 home kit

Don't say it looks like the Newcastle kit, don't say it looks like the Newcastle kit, don't say it looks like the Newcastle kit...


Atletico Madrid LEAKED 24/25 Nike home kit

Atletico leaked 24/25 Nike home kit

This has kinda faded deckchair vibes and we're fine with that. The new Nike collar sort of works here, too. If this is what Los Colchoneros' new home kit is next season, it's a definite 7 out of 10. 

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