Nivelcrack for Umbro Korea

Nivelcrack for Umbro Korea

Nivelcrack team up with Umbro Korea for a jersey inspired by Seoul's architectural landscape.

Our favourite Korean football-fashionistas Nivelcrack are back with their latest release, which this time sees them teaming up with the double diamond masters, Umbro.

This time Nivelcrack deliver a fresh jersey drop that takes its inspiration from the grey, industrial landscape of their hometown Seoul.

The jersey was created using the customisation service, U-Custom, a shirt service provided by Umbro Korea.

Now, you could be forgiven for thinking that a shirt inspired by a grey landscape filled with pigeons, along with dust, wouldn't exactly make up the ideal ingredients for a football jersey. 

However, in this case – you are wrong. In our opinion the shirt is still a delight, and typically in-keeping with Nivelcrack's understated coolness.

We eagerly await their next customisation with our favourite shirt manufacturers, Umbro.

Perhaps a vibrant away shirt next time, @nivelcrack ?

Photography • Jihoon Kang(

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