In a footballing first, almost 100 clubs from across the English and Welsh leagues – including Portsmouth, Salford City, Sheffield United and Cardiff - have signed up to ditch their home shirts on Boxing Day for Shelter’s #NoHomeKit campaign.

In the space of every 90 minute game, 25 households will become homeless in England. That means between the first and last whistle of any football match, 25 households will no longer have a safe or secure place to call home. These could be families with young children, a couple whose lives have been thrown upside down by a cancer diagnosis, or a young person kicked out to sleep on the freezing streets.



By ditching your home colours this Boxing Day and donating to Shelter, you'll be helping find safe and secure homes for people whose lives are on the line.

Whether watching from the terraces or gathered around the TV, football understands the importance of home.

Access to a safe and secure home is what gives us all the foundation for a happy life. But for too many people, this basic human need is denied or under threat. Footballs position in society makes it the perfect ally in fighting for the thousands of people without anywhere to call home today.


I got involved in this campaign after hearing some of the harrowing statistics concerning homelessness in this country - such as there being over 400 households made homeless every day. Something needs to change and I'm hoping this campaign can be the start of that.



With so many people in need of Shelter’s frontline services, the homeless charity is calling on as many football clubs and fans as possible to get involved and swap their home shirts for their away or third kits this Boxing Day, to show their support for everyone without a home today.

The charity is overwhelmed by the level of support it has received from the football community. Even though the Premier League blocked its clubs from taking part on the pitch, Tottenham Hotspur, Everton, Brighton and Hove Albion, Brentford and Watford have decided to throw their weight behind the campaign off the pitch. The teams, who have all been vocal supporters of Shelter’s #NoHomeKit, will be helping the charity through fundraising, matchday advertising and social media content.

As well as wearing their away shirts on Boxing Day, fans can directly support Shelter’s frontline services donating £5 to the campaign by texting ’HOME’ to 70455, or by visiting justgiving.com/campaign/NoHomeKit. (Texts cost your standard network rate + £5, and Shelter receives 100% of your donation). 

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