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The return of the Cult Kits Artist Showcase series, sees us catch up with an artist who captures the charm and elegance in the moments of football, we all treasure. This artist is, Camilo Ortiz.

It was the image above, posted on Camilo Ortiz's Instagram feed which immediately alerted us to this artists talents. Capturing a single moment from the 1998 World Cup in France, when Zizou rose like a salmon against a Brazilian defence. Just look at it... It's a masterpiece.

So, there was only one thing to do and that was to reachout to Camilo and ask if they would speak to us. Lucky for us, (and you) the artist obliged.


cult kits artist showcase Camilo Ortiz article image


Cult Kits: First things first,... Who do you support? 

Camilo Ortiz: My favourite soccer team is Universidad de Chile, but I am very fond and have a close story with Santiago Wanderers from Valparaíso. 


cult kits artist showcase Camilo Ortiz article image


CK: And what about a favourite football shirt? Do you have a specific shirt or shirts in mind?...

CO: One of my favourite shirts is the one from Mexico 1998. I feel that it is the only shirt along with those of Nigeria that, apart from style, has a cultural identity that is represented in its designs.

CK: To anyone that isn't familiar with your work, how would you describe your style?

CO: My work is mainly Pop related, full of childhood codes and imaginaries that are easy to decipher for my generation, very concrete and with clear discourses. Football, popular culture and nostalgia are intertwined in the production of my work.


cult kits artist showcase Camilo Ortiz article image
cult kits artist showcase Camilo Ortiz article image


CK: How long have you been painting and drawing for?

CO: Well, I have been drawing since I can remember, but at 16 I had my first contacts with the world of art and then continued in a more institutional way. As I said before, this year I celebrate 10 years as a professional artist. 

CK: Do you have a particular shirt or player you always find yourself wanting to paint/draw?

CO: I love Zinedine Zidane and Rivaldo for the subtlety of their game. As a child you wanted to be like them, but Roberto Baggio is a character that mainly catches my attention, I feel that the lost penalty in World Cup against Brazil incarnated fragility in a devastated man that then continue but living a grief as he should, which is a bit like life itself.


cult kits artist showcase Camilo Ortiz article image


CK: What other painters/artists do you admire/inspire you?

CO: I am going to name three artists that are working currently in Chile because I love the national art scene that has everything going on. favourite artists, Enrique Flores, who's work I find effective and had have the chance of know is his way of creating. I admire the Collective “Las Honorarias”, and Bernadette Aris. Contemporary renown international artists like Seba Calfuqueo, Ruth Emma, Elizabeth Peyton, Pablo Lisambarth and many, many more.


cult kits artist showcase Camilo Ortiz article image

cult kits artist showcase Camilo Ortiz article image


CK: Do you have a favourite piece of your own work?

CO: My favourite work is “Pisces”. I love that work deeply because it represents me deeply. It is very emotional and every time I think about it, I feel many things.

CK: Do you have any exciting plans/collaborations coming up?

CO: I like to work with other artists and at the time we are crossing our work with a colleague I met recently, his name is Rodrigo Amarilli. In the future I would love to work together with a football club. 

CK: Do you get many requests?

CO: I constantly have commissions and that is very gratifying, but making a living from art is like playing in the Copa Libertadores, suffering and passion.


You can follow Camilo and see more of his work here.

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La obra de Camilo es muy bella y lo más importante de todo el es un resilience, como toda su familia.

Rodrigo Ortiz

Nadie como Camilo para representar la energía del Carlos Tartiere, el estadio de mi equipo: el Real Oviedo :)

Enhorabuena por tu gran trabajo, crack!


Desde muy pequeño dibujo ,talento de su Madre y Abuelo materno que también pintaba solo con Grafito…¡¡Artista se hace camino al andar…Felicitaciones !!


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