This week's Artist Showcase features the Italian illustrator Giorgio Mozzorecchia. An illustrator who we're pretty obsessed with and we think more of you will be too.

We caught up with Giorgio to hear more about himself and his works.


CK: First things first, who is your team?

GM: Always and forever, FC Internazionale Milano

CK: Tell us a bit about yourself

GM: I'm an Italian illustrator and graphic designer, who emigrated to Barcelona for 11 years. I've been drawing since before I could speak, and I haven't stopped since. It remains a passion of mine, in addition to tennis, hip hop and obviously football.

Perhaps because it's not my main job, I have come to the conclusion that this probably helps me approach the projects I am involved in with more enthusiasm, that I probably wouldn't have if it became routine. I am 100% self-taught, and when I have time, I like to try new things. In general, I think I have a colourful style, with an ironic approach. 







CK: Tell us what you've been working on lately and do you have a standout piece/job/collab of 2023 so far?

GM: Certainly the illustrations for the articles of Ultimo Uomo, an Italian sports magazine, which I have been a fan of since the beginning and with which I have been lucky enough to collaborate for some time. I've been working with them and every time I get called up I'm very happy. But now the pieces I'm most proud of than those made for them this year are the one on the comparison between Theo Hernandez and Federico Dimarco, the one on the history of Napoli's origins, and the one for the tactical analysis of the Champions League final – with Guardiola and Simone Inzaghi.





CK: What other work is catching your eye at the moment?

GM: I can name a thousand, the first that come to mind are without a doubt Charles Drawin, Dan Evans, James Yuill, il lavoro sui kit di Fokohaela, Torre. Pentel, Gordo Pelota, The Soccer Slammers project, Dan Leydon, Daryl Rainbow, Marcello Martinelli, just to name a few

CK: What do you think your team's chances are this coming season?

GM: We've made a good start, as I write we are first in Serie A and in the Champions League group, Lautaro is in the best moment of his career and the team is playing well, so something will have to go wrong sooner or later. Jokes aside, the season is long but we started it off on the right foot





CK: What's your standout footy shirt for the 23/24 season?

GM: Nike’s France 2023 women’s kits are astounding, I also like a lot United’s away kit, Bologna’s home, and Roma’s home without sponsor

CK: What do you think of your team's shirts this year?

GM: In recent years we have been recovering a bit, I saw some Inter kits in the banter that were mind-blowing. As a child I sent letters to Inter with designs of shirts for the following season (by the way, true story), and I think they would have been more worthy of kits like the one from 2014/15.

For three years now Nike has been doing a good job, and this year's first kit seems to me to be a nice compromise between the search for a minimum of innovation and tradition. Above all, I like the return to a more "Inter" blue compared to a few years ago. I'm also happy with the second one, while I'd prefer not to see much of the third.





CK: Can you tell us what you've got coming up – any exciting collabs/jobs we should look out for?

GM: I don't currently have anything in the pipeline, but I hope to be able to continue collaborating with the Ultimo Uomo guys, and to be able to start some exciting projects soon. As they say, I'm open for work

CK: Where can people follow you and checkout more of your work?

GM:  On my Instagram profile: @giommoz .

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