Italian style

Italian style

With Roberto Mancini’s Italian team stylishly romping to three victories in their opening three games of the European Championships, many people have begun to ask if he can take his side all the way. 

And while Mancini’s side have gained many plaudits on the field, it feels like just as much is being said about how damn sharp they look off it. 

The entire Italian side's suiting has been provided for the tournaments by Armani and is frankly really bloody nice. As if the handsome bastards needed any more help. 


2021 players suits


But really, sartorially speaking, there is only one star man here, Roberto Mancini. 

The 56 year old has been cutting a dashing figure on the sidelines in his lightweight grey seersucker suit with Tri-colour striped tie. Some more eagle eyed observers have noted that the suit is a clear nod to the one worn by legendary Italian manager, Enzo Bearzot, during the 1982 World Cup. A man who’s legacy Mancini can only so far hope to come close to matching, both as national team manager and as the absolute benchmark for stylish managers. If you were to compile a list of best dressed football managers it would be Enzo one and everyone else a distant second.


Mancini 2021


Bearzot 1982


The legendary Italian manager led the Azzurri more times than anyone else and famously steered them to victory at the 1982 World Cup. 

Today in honour of the great man we’re going to be taking a look at some of the great man's greatest hits, sartorially speaking.


Bearzot complaining on bench 


Bearzot smoking his pipe


On the bench Bearzot liked to observe the game through his trademark sunglasses and wisps of pipe smoke. A brash look for a lesser man, perhaps, but Enzo makes it look effortless.

Then there’s the single coolest picture in football history as Bearzot accompanies his captain, Dino Zoff, and the Italian president, as well as the World Cup trophy, in a game of cards on the plane home from the 1982 World Cup.



Even in the blistering heat of Mexico City Enzo managed to stay cool as he watches his side train in preparation for what would be his final major tournament.


Bearzot watching his team practice in the heat of Mexico City - 1986


And when it came to practice attire, the eternally tobaccoed Enzo always got it just right. Sure it helped that Adidas were providing him with some of the finest benchwear we’ve ever seen, but we’re not sure his English counterpart of the era, Ron Greenwood, would have pulled it off quite so well. 


Smoking in a trackie at practice


Adidas trefoil training zip top


Diadora training zip top plus smoking pipe


Management style in its finest form.


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