CK: Who's your team?

JN: I'm a big Real Madrid fan! I've followed them since 2008! I'm from the U.S. and I'm a big advocate for supporting your domestic league, so in the MLS, I'm an LA Galaxy fan. I started supporting them in 2007 in part because of David Beckham joining and also because all of my family on my dad's side is from the LA/Southern California area.

CK: For those reading about you for the first time, can you tell them a bit about yourself.

JN: I'm 26 years old and I'm from Minot, North Dakota which is a small town and state in the USA. I'm a Christian Pastor full-time and I really love that; I also do football-related photo, video, and graphic design in a freelancing capacity and just for fun! I've played soccer competitively for most of my life and most recently played for the university I attended called the University of North Dakota. But now, I just play soccer for fun!

CK: How did you get into collecting football shirts?

JN: I got into first through buying kits from my favourite teams; but then in 2018, I started branching out and buying football kits that I thought were cool design-wise. Now, my kit collecting has turned into a big hobby and I have really come to appreciate the art of a well-designed kit, no matter the team!

CK: Tell us about the first football shirt you ever owned.

JN: The first football shirt I ever owned was the 2010 LA Galaxy home kit. I attended the 2010 MLS Cup Playoffs with my family in California and watched David Beckham and co. play. Sadly the Galaxy lost and got knocked out of MLS Cup, but my parents bought me a kit to commemorate the trip!

"My kit collecting has turned into a big hobby and I have really come to appreciate the art of a well-designed kit, no matter the team!"

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CK: Would you say you have a fascination with kit history?

JN: You can't fully appreciate modern  kits without understanding the history of teams and kits. I have more of an appreciation of kit history than a fascination I'd say!

CK: Do you have a specific era that you like most when it comes to kits?

JN: It has to be either the 90s or the current era we are in. The oversized, baggy kits with heavy material are just aesthetically top class. I love this current era of kits because the feel of super lightweight technology the look of highly detailed heat-pressed badge and a good heat transferred name set!

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CK: What's your favourite kit in your personal collection?

JN: My favourite kit in my collection at the moment is the 2022 authentic long-sleeve Japan away kit. The HEAT.RDY material and Origami pattern that runs down the sleeve make this kit shine. My wife is from Japan, so I have a huge soft spot for Japan kits! The story of how the kit design was inspired by the 2002 World Cup Final in Yokohama where, instead of confetti, thousands of "Orizuru" Origami paper cranes flooded the stadium as Brazil were crowned champions. While folding this special "Orizuru" Origami, people often put their hopes, thoughts, and wishes into it. With this kit having the same Orizuru Origami Crane on it, the creators of this kit were aiming for people to direct their hopes and wishes of victory the Japanese players while they wear this kit. A great story plus a great kit makes this one my favorite!

CK: If you had to pick your top 3 football shirts of all time, what would they be?

JN: 1. 1990/92 Manchester United away kit 2. 1997 Metrostars away kit 3. 1989-90 Liverpool home kit.

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CK: If you could take one football shirt with you to a desert island, what would it be?

JN: I would take an XL MLS Nike 1997 kit (LA Galaxy, Metrostars, or Tampa Bay Mutiny) in long sleeve to use as a shelter since my whole body could fit in that monstrously over-sized thing! The material is super heavy-weight also which would be good for protecting me on cold nights.

CK: If people want to check out more of your work, where can people find it

JN: I'm most active on Instagram: @jn3_football, but I also use Twitter for chatting about football kits with friends! Both handles are: @jn3_football

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