From Russia with love: World Cup posters by LoveGunn

From Russia with love: World Cup posters by LoveGunn

With the World Cup kicking-off in Russia on 14th June, creative branding agency, LoveGunn have created a series of typographic posters depicting each of the 32 teams competing this summer.

Shoreditch-based LoveGunn has created a striking set of posters using a series of soviet typefaces, a minimalist three colour process and a backdrop of inspiration from the 20th century Russian futurism and constructivism movements, led by artists like Kazimir Malevich.

The posters' bold geometric shapes and block lettering also suggest they’ve been inspired by another iconic Russian design movement, with a strong visual link to old Soviet and communist propaganda posters.

LoveGunn Creative Director, Tom Love says: “We wanted to be a part of football fans' World Cup conversations by doing something creative, but we didn’t want to produce another wallchart or sticker album. We wanted to do something new which would reflect both our studio and the passion that the World Cup evokes.

"Being in Shoreditch we’re surrounded by ever-changing surfaces and messages through street art, murals and fly-postering. We wanted to capture something about our own surroundings, as well as creating something obviously inspired by the host nation, Russia.

"Given the current global political climate, it seemed an interesting concept to explore the link between nationalistic propaganda and football fandom. Subsequently, the design of each poster feels like that of a national or political campaign, a visual expression for each nation to get behind.

"We want fans to engage with the posters and use them to represent their country. For us, there’s nothing better than watching the World Cup in London, where every nation is represented by their colourful and charismatic fans.”


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