Interview: Illustrator Minsang You

Interview: Illustrator Minsang You

Seoul based illustrator, Minsang You talks to us about being a lover of all football teams. As well asn how he looks to preserve his own memories of historic football matches and players, through his illustration.

[B2B] So, first things first – which football team do you support?

[MY] I support Liverpool FC. I think they’re the most attractive football club. But, actually, I like all the other clubs, so I watch all the football games to be honest. I also have huge admiration for Johann Cruyff. He’s a legend in my eyes, there was so much charm in the way that he played and what he gave to the game. His football philosophy was so cool.

[B2B] How long have you been illustrating for?

[MY] I started in 2014 but I have been professionally producing work since 2017. It’s also when I started to collaborate with Seongnam FC, who are n the K League(South Korea football league).

[B2B] Where do you get your inspiration for all of your work?

[MY] Symbolic football scenes, or the characters of certain players. It is fun to express what I consider to be the most charming parts of football with my illustration.

[B2B] Why do you love illustrating football and the culture around it?

[MY] I draw moments in football to remember my favourite players, the stories or records around them. I have a terrible memory to be honest, so this helps me remember some wonderful moments. I just hope those who see my illustrations will be happy, recalling stories or records through my works.

[B2B] What is your favourite illustration to date?

[MY] To be honest with you, I don’t really have a favourite right now. I'm still trying to make a piece of work that will satisfy me on that front. Instead, I look to inspiring football illustrators – my favourite right now is Chester Holme (@cjholme).

I am also a big fan of illustrators such as Dan Leydon, Manuel Rios, Arley Byrne, Daryl Rainbow, etc.

[B2B] What illustration has had the biggest reaction across social media for you so far?

[MY] Son Heung-min image, Illustrated during 2019 AFC ASIAN CUP. It was a painting that cheered for Son, who has to spend a tight schedule going back and forth between London, South Korea and United Arab Emirates. Son is loved by South Korean football fans. Especially after the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

[B2B] Do you have any specific projects, new ideas you want to explore, that you can tell us about?

[MY] I'm always practicing with drawing football players – but the player or club doesn’t really matter to me. I want to express the true charm of football. However, one personal project I am doing right now is drawing the entire Liverpool FC squad up until the Champions League final. So far,  four players are drawn, and 24 more to go… :)

[B2B] What would be a dream project for you?

[MY] It's unrealistic but collaborating with Liverpool FC as an illustrator is a dream project. I would love to make an illustration book about LFC's history. Besides drawing, there are many things I want to do. One of them is to create a space that has all the football related art works and goodies placed in to be exhibited.

[B2B] Sounds ace. Who knows – I think Liverpool FC might approach you sooner than you think.

You can view more work from the Uruijff studio, here.


Imagery: Copyright Minsang You
Instagram: @youminsang





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