SEASON zine launch the SEASON podcast which looks to extend their title of leaders around football & fashion conversation that rule our lives.

Yes! We hear you cry – the mag that has been a flagship for the world of fashion in football has finally taken to the airwaves.

Hosted by its founder Felicia Pennant, the SEASON podcast promises to be an extension of its glorious print zine. It's a trailblazing football and fashion platform that launched in London in 2016 to counter the male, pale and sometimes stale state of modern football culture.

The insights as fans, players and the creatives working across the game, (brought to light by the print format) will now be available in the form of audio. So now, you'll have the chance to feel even more apart of the debates and conversation. 

Their first guests include model, mental health advocate and football coach Asha Mohamud talking about her Really Real football sessions, and Some Ideas designers Georgina Hunt (creator of this summer's best bucket hat) and Jordanna Andrews on getting into women's football properly.

Listen to the trailer.

You'll also be able to find out why with Goal ClickMatt Barrett is allowing players and teams to tell their stories on their own terms and which now ex-Chelsea player made Fashion East’s Raphaelle Moore cry, with many more guests still to be announced.

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We're ready to come in and talk about the glorious fashion that exists around football shirts, whenever you are SEASON.

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