By the late 1980’s the notion of sticking your goalkeeper in a kit as bright and garish as possible had really started to hit its stride. It was a craft, however, that was perfected in the 90’s.

As keepers grew bigger and bigger, teams really began to embrace the distracting power of a 6’4” multicoloured behemoth bearing down on an opposing striker.

From wearing your city on your chest to going out of this world for inspiration we’ve picked out eight of our favourite keepers kits of the 90’s.


Kahn – Bayern Munich / Adidas



By the late 90’s, Oliver had established himself as the big man in Munich - and Adidas, Bayern’s long running kit manufacturers, certainly seemed to agree when they created this bespoke ‘rocks’ design for him for the 1997/98 season. Ultimately the template would be used by a number of other European clubs but only Kahn’s kit featured his signature to the collar. Which is pretty baller. 


Bosnich – Australia / Adidas



This cosmic style, used exclusively by Australia, featured an Adidas Questra ball travelling through a constellation like a meteorite.The design later popped up sporadically in South America in the years following its debut but was never really picked up as a mainstream option. Which is a bit of a shame.


Hislop – Newcastle United / Adidas



The consensus on this kit is you either love it or you hate it. We, obviously, think it’s great. The design featured Newcastle’s skyline and was based off the iconic Newcastle Brown Ale logo, the side's long-running sponsor. 


Seaman – Arsenal / Nike



As 90’s keeper kits go, this one's practically understated. The classic JVC sponsor along with the Nike swoosh that featured on the shirt's mock neck collar really add to what’s already a solid effort. The design kept Arsenal stopper Seaman looking stylish as his side made it all the way to the final of the 1994/95 Cup Winners' Cup.


Schmeichel – Denmark / Hummel



Worn by the big Dane as his side completed one of the great underdog stories in football history by triumphing at the 1992 European Championships. Its iconic status may be tied to the side's success but the vibrant kit is undeniably attractive. Championship side Bristol City certainly thought so when they paid homage to it this season with their own Hummel keeper shirt that heavily referenced the original.


Kawaguchi – Japan / Asics



As worn by Japanese stopper Kawaguchi at the 1998 World Cup in France. The stunning Asics flame design was also used on the team's home and away shirts, and meant that, despite their poor performance, the nation's first foray into the World Cup would not be forgotten. 


Campos – Mexico / ABA Sport



OK, this one may not technically be a ‘goalkeeper shirt’. The style was used by Mexico as their home shirt during the 1998 season but was so loved by goalkeeper Campos that he insisted on wearing it whenever his outfieldiers were in their change strips. He even wore it during the 1998 World Cup, so it 100% counts.


Chilavert – Keeper jersey self-made



This list has been woefully lacking in South American representation, frankly that’s an article in inself, but this effort from Chilavert, who went by the nickname ‘The Bulldog’, is a particular highlight. Narcissistic? Maybe. Brilliant? Most definitely. From the front motif to the split level sleeves that made it look as if he was wearing a cut-off tee over his long keeper kit, it was all very Chilavert.


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