The Premier League is coming to Kenilworth Road and we can’t wait. Luton Town’s strange little ground, squeezed within an inch of its life between tightly packed rows of terraced housing, is truly the antithesis to the glitz of English football’s top flight.

As the Hatters prepare for a very special season, we asked our pal and lifelong Luton fan Peter Campbell to write a love letter to the ‘Kenny’.


So, here we are.

Less than two weeks to go until the new season starts.

A season that promises so much – the fulfilment of a journey started just as the world welcomed the new Premier League.

A chance for our home to welcome the big boys and write some new legends into our club’s history.


a love letter to Kenny Luton Town stadium cult kits


A history scattered with the wreckage of top flight teams – Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchesters United and City, Spurs have all come here and been found wanting.

Undone down the years by Joe Payne, Harry Haslam, Bruce Rioch, David Pleat, Ricky Hill, Steve Howard, super Micky Harford, and a plastic pitch.


a love letter to Kenny Luton Town stadium cult kits - 2


That is long gone, but you remain, largely unchanged in all other respects.

No mod cons. No under pitch heating. No modern dressing rooms. No space.

Stands close, breathing down your necks, near enough to see the whites of their eyes.

Like a fortress of old.

Old wooden stands, fit for the siege.


a love letter to Kenny Luton Town stadium cult kits - 3


Tight, packed seats, lined for the battle.

The stares of those whose houses you pass through to get to our walls.

A cauldron of noise, unlike anything they will have faced before.

It has nowhere to go but to swirl around, echoing, multiplying the 10,000 voices to a crowd 100,000 strong.


a love letter to Kenny Luton Town stadium cult kits  - 4


Records, reputations, renown, all mean nothing in that maelstrom.

You do not get to come here and walk away without dealing with that.

Hearts thumping. Ears ringing. Nerves shredding.

Must not lose the ball. Must not concede a foul. Must not make a mistake.


a love letter to Kenny Luton Town stadium cult kits - 5


It feels like the whole town is charging up with the team.

Blowing defences down, sharpening our attack, giving our men in orange wings.

And when it is done, you will wonder if it was worth it.

Because the old place will still be roaring to the sounds of the town.

So come here with your wealth, your titles, your glamour.

They will mean nothing when you walk out of our tunnel.

This is our advantage. This is our home. This is Kenilworth Road!


Words by Peter Campbell exclusively for Cult Kits.

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