Well, well – they’re finally here. After a cold long 27 years, adidas and Boca Juniors reunite to launch their 2020/21 home and away jerseys. Our thoughts…meh. Alright, ok, we suppose.

We’ll be honest. Disappointed is a word that springs to mind. We’re not deluded – we know how the template game for a season works, and this season’s designs of jersey templates for adidas have ticked numerous boxes. But for a team like Boca, sorry – but surely a few more risks could have been taken here?

We might sound like an ungrateful child, who’s disappointed with their birthday present that their parents have worked hard to budget for, (the modern shirts carry quite a price tag these days), but for a partnership of this size we wanted more.

The home jersey is what the brand will call a ‘traditional approach’ with all but an extra bit of yellow added to the sleeves, that goes on to form the Xeneizes flag. Ok… yep, what else? Oh wait that’s just about it. Yes, adidas is iconic with Boca, so less is more, perhaps (mind flashes back to Maradona’s mesmerising brilliance). But come on!



Now for the away jersey. It’s white, a design the fans have seen before back in the 90’s. It’s fresh, we’ll give adidas that, but the graphic across the front? Wait, what? That’s the…! Yep, it’s the graphic everyone has seen before, (and still loves no doubt) but this time the Germany national flag’s colours have been replaced with Boca’s club flag. To close, the neck line and shoulder are blue. Yawn.



Would we buy either? Probably. Are we going to rush out and buy it? No.

A massive partnership like this, in our opinion – deserves more for its first outing, which will see Boca run out against Universitario on 16th January.

Our advise. Wait. Get it for £20 cheaper towards the end of the 20/21 season. Or better still – hope and pray Adidas originals release a ‘special edition’ classic jersey. Save your pennies for that, for it’s a given.


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