Alive and Kicking form AKFC signing up talent from across the football community, to deliver on making football a force for good.

Alive and Kicking are a charity that establish, support and grow not for profit ball manufacturers. Through each of our centres they MAKE. PLAY. LIVE.

MAKE: they make balls, creating hundreds of ethical jobs for adults facing economic and social disadvantage. To date they've contributed £4.75 million to the local economies and created some 1,034 jobs.

PLAY: they've given young people access to sport and play by donating thousands of A+K balls around the world every year. Around 176,603 balls have been donated worldwide as well as reaching 7.9 million young people with ball donations.

LIVE: They've enabled young people to live healthy lives by using income from sales to deliver vital health education through sport. A+K have reached around 88,913 young people through their health programmes.

 “This team is all about using football as a force for good... anyone who has the passion to use football in that way can sign for AKFC. Hopefully I can inspire some others to come and sign with me.” Rachel Yankey

So what is AKFC?

AKFC is a new regular giving campaign - A fictional football team that has real impact!

When you sign for AKFC giving regular monthly donations you will receive the official shirt every season, a hand stitched Kenyan football, a hand stitched key ring plus other options - not only that - you will be joining the world’s only team who use football as a force for good.

The campaign was launched on 1st August to coincide with the UK’s football transfer window - leading to the transfer deadline day on August 8th.

We wanted to create a weeks long ‘transfer window’ style campaign, during which we created and promoted content through our social channels and website.

How do you sign up?

It's very simple – visit their website: aliveandkicking.org/AKFCand sign up to the one of the greatest clubs on earth. 

There are four levels of support to choose from – each level you will receive; your official AKFC contract, a Kenyan handmade key ring, an A+K handmade football and an A+K annual review.

The varying tiers of support include:

1. Academy - £15 per month – 1 official AKFC shirt.

2. First team - £25 per month – 1 shirt + hat or scarf + have your own designed football handmade in Kenya.

3. National team - £50 per month – 2 shirts + hat and scarf + own ball.

4. Ballon d’Or - £100 per month – All the above + lunch with an A+K ambassador.

So far in the recent transfer window AKFC has signed; Rachel Yankey, Les Ferdinand, Amy Drucquer (This fan girl), Joel Beya (CheekySport), Ethan Payne (Sidemen) with more to announce over the next coming months.

“I’m supporting health education for young adults. I’ve signed to AKFC to use football as a force for good” Les Ferdinand.

So there's nothing left to say other than, what are you waiting for – join the club that aims to make nothing less than positive change. We are..

Sign up here.


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