We've all had a go at drawing a prized or desired possession, haven't we. Maybe it's our own souls trying to connect with it? Or just a reflection of showing gratitude for it. We do this by trying to capture the minor details, and the features we love most. But there is an artist with such supreme talent that has the ability to bring her subjects to life, with almost photographic detail. This artist is Steph Morris.

A British artist, who's work has caught the eyes from major brands and received global attention. Cultural figures have flocked towards her work for private commissions and her work sells out almost instantly. Steph's process, albeit simple, using the traditional combination of pencil on paper to create her works – see's her create individual timeless pieces exploring popular culture and fashion. The work requires an unrivalled level of patience and a commitment to her craft that few posses.

We, Cult Kits are privileged to have finally managed to sit down and speak with one of our favourite artists, to hear more about her process, and what lead her down a path of creating singular and stunning pieces.


CK: First things first, who's your team? 

SM: My heart belongs to Blackburn Rovers.

CK: What's your earliest football memory?

SM: Going to Ewood Park with my dad to watch a game. I was maybe 5 or 6, I walked up the steps holding my dads hand to take my seat and saw the pitch for the first time. I was mesmerised. 

CK: You're known for your photographic like illustrations, but can you tell us how your work has developed?

SM: My old work was actually very abstract, and I would use photorealistic elements such as detailed eyes or hands in placement with chaotic backgrounds. I experimented a lot through college and Uni, and eventually figured out what I really enjoyed. 




CK: What's your favourite piece/creation?

SM: Tough one! I would say the latest piece of Drake’s Take Care album cover. It was definitely the biggest challenge so far, and I was really happy with the way it came out and felt like I learnt a lot from it. 




CK: Have you had any strange requests?

SM: Every few weeks or so I get a dog request!

CK: Can you tell us what you've been working on recently?

SM: I’ve been working on a commission for a well known brand, plus some private commissions. 




CK: What other designers/artists do you admire?

SM: Virgil Abloh is my biggest inspiration. I love the work of Daniel Arsham and also Ronnie Fieg. 

CK: What best describes your style?

SM: Always relaxed and comfy! I love very simple pieces which can be paired together easily. I’m usually wearing neutral colours too.




CK: How long can a piece on average take?

SM: Anywhere from 3-12 weeks, depending on the size of the piece

CK: Your following has grown substantially over the years, have you had commissions from any famous/well known faces?

SM: I’ve had a few over the years which have been crazy. I’m currently working on a piece for a well known FC Barcelona player which I can’t wait to share. 




CK: What projects do you have coming up?

SM: I’m working with a couple of huge brands which I will be sharing soon, and I’ve also been working on some commissions in the background. 

CK: Where can people see more of your work?

SM: My Instagram is where I post all of my latest work @stephfmorris. I also have a website where you can subscribe for the latest updates - .


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