Chelsea’s 2020-21 home kit blends the latest in athletic innovation with the finesse of fine London tailoring – says, Nike. Mr Miserable, Numero Uno – David Jones, would very much disagree.

The shirt, supposedly ‘inspired’ by London’s long association with master tailors and the craftsmanship, the new home jersey makes an attempt to venture into, what Nike are calling at least, ‘statement’ shirting.

Can we just state, for the record, we hate this term.

Claiming to be a luscious, textured, modern classic, wholly befitting the capital’s most stylish club… Pah!

They go on… ‘Just as Chelsea is woven into the fabric of London life, the city’s rich fashion heritage is woven into the new shirts, the traditional blue elevated by a subtle all-over herringbone knit and garnished with bespoke flourishes.’



I don’t know about you, but this feels like nothing more than design dribble.

Yes, I know I am writing like a disgruntled food critic, but this all feels a bit lazy for me. I know the design will have come from a place of heritage mood boards around the legendary Savile Row and blah, blah, blah. But I am struggling to see the celebration of the history they are claiming is at the heart of this one.

“The kit is really, really smart — very Chelsea,” says striker Tammy Abraham.

Smart. Yea, I’d agree with that. But smart expressed at its most least enthused sense. The ‘very Chelsea’ bit – what’s that then?

This is of course all a matter of opinion. So don’t start firing off abuse about how wrong I am and how this is the greatest shirt you’ve ever seen. The design can’t hide behind the sponsor’s dominance either. It should make you look passed it if anything.



“I’m really excited to be wearing this kit when we take to the pitch again for the 20-21 season,” says striker Fran Kirby.

Ok, Fran… try to contain yourself.

It’s average, at best.

Chelsea fans, by all means fill your tailored boots from 9th January where you can grab yours from

For everyone else, wait for the discount and grab yourself something ‘smart’ for the Wednesday socially distanced, evening kick-about, towards the end of 2021.




Words by David Jones, (who still really likes Nike, FYI).


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