The 2010s were, for the most part, a load of shit. Trump, Brexit, austerity, the rise of the far right, Carly Rae Jepsen... it's an era that few will look back on with much fondness. The football kits though, well, they were decent. Very decent. 

To help you bid farewell/good riddance to the last ten years, we've picked the ten shirts that defined the decade. 


10. Inter Milan 2014/15 home

Inter were proper shite in 2014/15. The departure of Javier Zanetti, Walter Samuel, Esteban Cambiasso and Diego Milito, and an inability to find decent replacements, meant the Nerazzurri finished eighth in Serie A and were dumped out of the Europa League in the round of 16. However, despite the misery on the pitch, Inter looked great in a shirt that represented quite a departure from their traditional thick stripes. Instead, solid black was the backdrop for piercing blue pinstripe. That coupled with the tailored cutaway collar makes this one of the great shirts of the 2010s.

9. Lille 2011/12 away shirt

A superstar team featuring Eden Hazard, Dimitri Payet and, errr, Joe Cole followed up their shock Ligue 1 title-winning season a year earlier with a solid third-place finish. Their kit - particularly the away shirt - was unrivalled though. Part of Umbro's 'Tailored By' range, the white away features two horizontal blue bands and includes a minimalist granddad collar. The HUGE sponsor only adds to the aesthetic. It's a massive 'oui' from us.

8. France Women's World Cup 2019 away shirt

Regarde la belle chemise! Is this the first shirt to feature polkadots? If so, why? Why? POURQUOI? Without wanting to throw adverbs around willy-nilly, it's so spectacularly, magnificently, wonderfully gorgeous. Merci Nike, Merci.

7. Sassuolo 2016/17 home

The little Italian club spent most of their 100-year history in the amateur divisions until they began their ascent through the leagues in 2006, eventually reaching Serie A in 2013. In 2016/17, their fourth in Italy's top flight, their black and green stripes adorned a gorgeous Kappa jersey, which was made even better thanks to a whacking great sponsor. 

6. Juventus x Palace 2019 fourth shirt

Ok, so we are not in favour of clubs having four fucking shirts in one season but, but... we can just about accept it when it's as beautiful as this. Skateboarding behemoths Palace collaborated with Juve and Adidas on this masterpiece and as much as we want to hate it, we just can't. We're only human.

5. Mexico 2014/15 home

Lightning bolts pretty much guarantee football shirt immortality and that's definitely the case when it comes to Mexico in 2014. It's a masterpiece from beginning to end: from the two-tone green to the hints of red that complement the kit's red socks. Mexico cruised through their group in Brazil but were narrowly beaten 2-1 in the round of 16 thanks largely to Arjen Robben's dark arts playbook. They looked ace in this, though.

4. Slovenia 2014/16 home

Did you know that Mount Triglav, with an elevation of 2,863 metres, is the highest mountain in Slovenia and the highest peak of the Julian Alps? Did you? Anyway, the mountain is a source of immense national pride for the Slovenians and, as such, was chosen as the inspiration behind the nation's 2014-16 shirt. As crisp as a Fox's Glacier Mint.

3. Japan 2018 home shirt

An instant classic. Adidas created a bespoke look for the Japanese at the last World Cup with a graphic that draws inspiration from traditional samurai armour. The two-tone blue, the badge and the use of the national flag all add to its brilliance.

2. France 2011/13 – away shirt

Based on the famous Breton stripe, France's away shirt at the start of the decade was a sort of ultra-stylish piss take, playing to the hackneyed stereotype of the beret-clad, garlic string-wearing Frenchman... and it absolutely worked. 

1. Nigeria 2018 National Football Team Collection

An unoriginal choice, we accept, but it's hard to overlook the shirt of the last World Cup. It paid homage to the Super Eagles' jersey from USA 1994 and became de rigueur for any self-respecting east Londoner the summer before last. GO NAIJA! 

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