DIECIEURO and NSS SPORTS combine to challenge designers and football shirt fanatics to design their own Jersey from a selection of iconic templates. We were delighted to be asked to take part in the experiment and for us there was only ever going to be one team's template that we would be selecting.

The challenge was simple – select a template from 13 different shirts. The options ranged from England 1998 home to Fiorentina's iconic Nintendo jersey – you know the one!



There was only one template we'd hope to hold the creative reigns on if the club ever came calling and that was Barcelona. That KAPPA away that gets everyone going when ever it pops up in someones social feed. The instant seller.



The next step – consult with a designer that understood our love for football shirts, was experienced in the fashion-retail world and someone who would go where we might never dare when it came to the design.

For us that designer was Joanne Furzer. Having worked with her before on our Prem and MLS at 25 prints, we knew we could rely on her to bring a fresh approach. One that wouldn't be overshadowed with nostalgic references of previous Barcelona classics.

The result was Joanne drawing inspiration from one of her favourite Spanish artists, one – Joan Miró.


CK: So what draw you to Joan Miró as your inspiration for the challenge?

JF: I just love his work! His use of colour, abstract shapes and the expression that comes from his surrealism work. The fact that he comes from Barcelona also made it a bit of a no brainer for me. 

CK: When we spoke to you about the brief we had no idea that you would end up here for the design, it's very 'us'! 

JF: HAHAHA thank you! It was a great project to be involved with and difficult to stop thinking about at times. I also knew very little about Barcelona as a club so I had to really get into understanding what they were famous for, bar the obvious.

CK: Do you think if you did the same job again you might still gravitate towards this particular artists work?

JF: It's hard to say? But probably yes. He's an artist I don't feel gets the recognition he sometimes deserves. But like most artists and their works – it's so subjective. A bit like people's love for certain football shirts.



The idea for the project came from Francesco Cattin – otherwise known as DIECI a DJ, architect and football jersey fanatic. In collaboration with NSS Sports they approached a number of designers, jersey sellers and collectors to explore their own vision for a jersey's design.

When talking about the project, Francesco said;

"I decided to have NSS Sports send me some empty mock-ups for you to edit and be creative with. I wished for you, together with me, to give life to a new design of football shirt."

You can view the all the other jersey entries here and vote for your favourite. The winning design will be getting made into a one off. So be sure to cast your vote!

No pressure.

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