Football. The Euros. Goals. Pens. Fair Play Mate. Designer Lewis Smith, has created a tribute to one of the greatest tournament patches in football history – the FAIR PLAY patch.

Featured at Euro 96, the patch has become a favourite among shirt collectors – with any sleeve bearing the iconic logo adding to a jersey's cult status.

Lewis, a designer living and working out of his studio in Milan, has put the patch front and centre in his latest collection.

Rightfully, it's been blown up in all its glory and placed across short and long sleeve tees as well as sweatshirts. 



Each item is available now from Everpress in varied sizes. So if you're looking to expand your wardrobe/collection with bespoke footy attire that sets you apart, this is for you!

The items are already proving an inevitable hit across social so we wouldn't over-think the purchase – just buy the lot.

Grab yours here.


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