FIFA 20 | Team of the Year Reveal

FIFA 20 | Team of the Year Reveal

FIFA 20 the team of the year has been revealed with a short ad starring Virgil Van Dijk. As you'd probably expect it's made up of a few more Liverpool FC players.

The world has spoken. The best of the best have been chosen. See the 11 players who made the FIFA 20 Team of the Year including Virgil Van Dijk, below.

So how were the players for the Team of the Year selected? Well, the selection process was undertaken by FIFA 20 fans. A list of 55 players was created, with fans then having to make their final vote for their player choice in each position.

We know what you’re thinking. How the hell has Ronaldo not been selected for this team. Utter madness. We know, we know. And where in god’s name is the likes of Sterling?

Alas, the fans have spoken – and here we have it. A team of XI that still look incredibly frightening.

Following the reveal of the team of the year, EA Sports have also revealed upgraded cards for the eleven selected players in the game. This includes special TOTY player items will be released in FUT packs. As of today, fans will be able to vote for the 12th player to join the special list.

No Ronaldo though. Absolutely outrageous.

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