Fluminense Kit Celebrates 115 Years Of The First Carioca Title

Fluminense Kit Celebrates 115 Years Of The First Carioca Title

Umbro presents new kit of Fluminense in honour of 115 years of the first Carioca title with new three-colour uniform that celebrates the competition won in 1906, with a modern classic-style home shirt.

On this day in 1906, the tournament and first Carioca football championship was held in Rio de Janeiro. With nine victories in 10 games, Fluminense Football Club became champions, making history as the first winners. This great day of glory is celebrated by Umbro Brasil for the 2021/22 season’s shirt.



In recognition of the club’s achievement, Umbro have developed two exclusive details on the shirt. Located on the inside of the collar and shirt hem, the marks mix the three-colours with a minimalist symbol of the ‘Flu’ and the dates, along with text about the achievement.



The new home shirt has a classic look, with thinner stripes (like those of the team that won the Carioca of 1906), starting from the green in the centre. The shirt also features contrasting white details on the side and collar. The fabric on the back is in jacquard, and small graphics inside the stripes give texture and movement to the product.



The second shirt of ‘Flu’ will be launched later by the English brand. The goalkeeper shirts follow dark green, purple and violet patterns.

The Fluminense 21/22 home shirt will be available from 20 May on umbro.com.br.

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Why did Fluminense choose these colours for this beautiful kit in 1902?


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