The Nike React Gato is designed specifically for futsal players and leverages a trio of innovative technologies — Nike Touch360, Nike Flyknit and Nike React — to promote fluid movement, durability and comfort.

The boot’s design is informed by studies in the Nike Sports Research Lab (NSRL) that recorded a library of futsal moves and gathered data on the directional forces at play while players control the ball. It's all about enhancing touch and improving control in the fast-paced, tightly-spaced, small-sided game.

During a 40-minute futsal match, the number of touches, shots on goal and meters covered per minute by each player exceeds those in an 11-player, 90-minute match.



Nike Touch360 features flexible “touch pods” that function like pistons, allowing wearers to feel the ball. The touch pods are placed where pressure-mapping shows primary underfoot touch points and are designed to give players a better sense of where the ball is underfoot.

A secondary benefit to the tooling is multidirectional traction to support quick cuts and sharp movements.



Underfoot, the boot’s third core technology, Nike React foam, provides long-lasting comfort on all surfaces.

The Nike React Gato is available now on nike.com and at select retailers.

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