Glenn Hoddle: Extra Time

Glenn Hoddle: Extra Time

Glenn Hoddle: Extra Time examines one of English football’s most talked-about figures as BT Sport continues it's compelling line-up of documentaries with a focus on one of England's greatest ever stars.

Glenn Hoddle is widely considered one of English football’s most talented midfielders in history and is viewed by many as the England national team’s most forward-thinking manager to date.



At the same time, Hoddle has courted significant controversy with his perceived approach to the game. Now one of the game’s leading television analysts, Glenn takes the viewer on a highly personal journey, interweaving the story of his career, image and playing style with a quest to lay misunderstandings to rest. This is the story of Glenn Hoddle, through the eyes of Glenn Hoddle.




“This is a thoughtful film and the approach we have taken allows Glenn to look back on pivotal moments in his football career. He feels, following his survival from a cardiac arrest, that he has been given extra time and it has been a privilege to go on this journey with him.” 

Sally Brown, executive producer, BT Sport Films.




The film opens with Hoddle describing what happened on the day of his cardiac arrest, reflecting on his good fortune at being given 'extra time' to reflect on his life and career. It then explores key moments with Hoddle giving his own reflections away from the headlines.

This is an in-house production led by Director and Producer team, Isobel Williams and Mark Sharman, with Sally Brown its executive producer for BT Sport.

You can watch Glenn Hoddle: Extra Time on the 19th October, BT Sport 3 at 10.30pm.





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