Hearts Football Club release the new 2020/21 shirt from Umbro – something I think we can all rejoice at in times like these.

It's an unexpected, but extremely welcomed release for the club. One we might be so bold to suggest that gives fans, least of all Hearts fans – hope. Hope that a new day filled with match statistics, sendings off and goals. Yes, one step closer to the return of domestic football.



The shirt is as understated as its release. Clean, with simple finishings, this shirt is for the jersey purists. We'll say no more.



We're just overjoyed to see something that suggests football is not too far away, from making a return. And of course, it's no surprise the godfathers of football attire, Umbro, are first to showcase what is likely to prove one of a haul, of team-wear for the new season ahead... whenever that will be?


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