You've probably heard of Isobel Mehta. Despite being a massive Spurs fan, she's teamed up with writer Giles Scott on the book – The Little Red Book Of Klopp. And it's caught the eye of many across social media.

We caught up with Isobel to discuss how she got into illustration and how she tries to sneak in her love of football into her portfolio at the earliest opportunity.

CK: Thanks for chatting with us, Isobel. So whereabouts are you currently working?

IM: I’m a freelance illustrator based in East London. I grew up here (well south of the river) so the city has always been my home. And there’s no better place to immerse yourself in the creative and football communities so I’ve been really lucky. Aside from art and football I love reading and cooking for my friends.

CK: How long have you been working as an illustrator? That's a pretty cool area to be able to call a full-time profession.

IM: I’ve been working as an illustrator for 3 or so years but I’ve been drawing for myself for as long as I can remember.

CK: So being a Londoner, dare we ask who you support?




CK: Said with conviction! Does football play a big  part in your illustration then?

IM: Actually, not a huge amount. Apart from a few commissions here or there, I don’t tend to draw football related content. The process of drawing players or moments in football really makes you study a game with a different perspective and I like this a lot so perhaps I’ll be bringing more football into my personal work.



CK: So tell us, how did you get involved with 'The Little Red Book of Klopp' project?

IM: I was contacted by the publishers Pan Macmillan around this time last year. They were looking for an illustrator to work with author Giles Scott on a book of quotes and witticisms from Klopp. Of course at first I thought it would be crossing a line, in terms of my undying loyalty to Pochettino, who was (and still is) the football manager I admire and respected the most in the premier league, if not the world. But of course, this is work and an amazing opportunity to do a book so I agreed and sheepishly didn’t tell my spurs friends for a while…


CK: That's very cool – and quite the compliment for a publisher to go directly to you. Were you given a pretty open brief as to what you could do for it?

IM: No actually, we all decided to take a very literal response to the quotes. As literal as him celebrating with players for ‘On Winning’ and him speaking to the press for the ‘On Criticism’ section etc. I think people want to recognise Klopp for all his mannerisms that we see on the on the touch line and in interviews so for this reason we kept it very literal. But we were able to be playful too and dress him up as Santa and draw him kissing his wife. I enjoyed all of it.

CK: Is there any other football based projects you have coming up?

IM: I’ve just illustrated some football stickers for Season Zine- so check them out!

CK: Ah yes – we're massive fans of SEASON, and stickers for that matter, so we'll definitely be picking that next issue up. If people want to buy the 'The Little Red Book Of Klopp'  – where can they buy it?

IM: The book is available through Foyles, Waterstones and Amazon.

CK: If you had to pick your top 5 football shirts of all time, what would they be?

IM: They'd have to be..

Napoli 1994 home shirt
Tottenham 1976 home shirt (I wear this one a lot)
England 1996/1997 away shirt
Argentina 2001 home shirt
Juventus 2009/2010 away shirt

CK: Good to see the England 1996/97 away in there. Umbro in their time of pomp with that and the England home. Obviously Euro 96 adds to it! Oh and the 1994 Napoli home is a belter as well. You have fine taste, judging by this top 5! Do you have a favourite shirt of the team that you support?

IM: It has to be the one from the year I was born – the 1994 home shirt. But I do also love the 2015/2016 green goalkeeper shirt and have been trying to get my hands on one for ages. 


CK: The 1994 Spurs home shirt is a delight. It's a shirt we think of immediately when looking back at the 90's fondly. Do you have a favourite player with Spurs? 

IM: Son, obviously! But special mentions to Jan Vertonghen and Hugo Lloris.

CK: If people want to view more of your work, or get in touch with you about a project – how can they do that?

IM: You can view more of my work on my website: You can contact me there too.

(All imagery courtesy of Isobel Mehta and subject to copyright).

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