Introducing the Copa Sense by adidas

Introducing the Copa Sense by adidas

There are some things in life that instantly make you feel warm inside. A foggy forest at dawn, the serenity of a still lake, the sound of hot tea being poured into a mug.

Oh, and black leather football boots. Definitely that.



Even more so when said footwear happens to be manufactured by the Die Marke Mit Den 3 Streifen, bearing the word COPA.

So prepare yourself for a delicious rush of spirit-lifting serotonin as you feast your eyes on these bad boys: the new Copa Sense by adidas.



Labelled as a 'significant upgrade to the Copa franchise', the boots combine classic, understated elegance with enough tech and engineering to make you play, well, a bit less bad.

Don't believe us? Well, Paulo Dybala, Melanie Leupolz, Jude Bellingham and Martina Rosucci will all be wearing these from here on in. Are you calling them liars?



The good news is you too can own a pair. The bad news is they retail at €280.

You're still thinking about the bad news, aren't you?




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