Football shirts. Those gaudy, nylon things that footballers sling on before a game, emblazoned with unsightly sponsors and logos. We always appreciated their strange beauty but little did we know quite how much so many others would when we started Cult Kits way back in 2011. 

We had a few late 00s pieces that had escaped the annual charity shop clear-out and we decided to try and re-home them. We did, but back then wearing a football shirt casually was far from the fashion statement it is these days, so it’s not like we expected it to become A Thing.



Fast forward a decade, and you’ve got Drake wearing a Juventus shirt at packed festivals; luxury fashion labels taking inspiration from shirt culture, and demand far outstripping supply. It’s been a loud and colourful rise to fame for the unassuming football shirt.



We try not to get caught up in all the noise though. Increasing popularity has meant we’ve been able to expand our team and operations significantly beyond the three mates that originally started Cult Kits. But it hasn’t changed who we are and how we do things whatsoever. 

Fashions and fads come and go. The flavour of this month may well be the turkey of the next. For us, football is our constant and football shirts are no different. They are the lifeblood of Cult Kits, but also of the way we connect with the thousands of people that have supported us from the beginning. 

It’s thanks to them that we’ve been able to keep doing what we love more than anything: selling football shirts and talking to our own unique and priceless community that will never fade or tire. Or as we like to say, The Cult

It’s those people - our supporters - who are in The Cult with us. We’re not the leaders - we’re just another member with a slightly unhealthy obsession with football’s eccentricities, who happen to deal in football shirts. We’re one of you

Long live The Cult.

Rob, Davey and Josh.

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