Kit and Bone release Unofficial Replica series

Kit and Bone release Unofficial Replica series

Aptly named ‘Unofficial Replica’ the series salutes the random counterfeit shirts we’d see our mates come home from their holidays with back when we were kids.

That's the theme behind the release from Kit and Bone. And, well... we kind of dig it.

Shirts which even though you knew they were wrong it made them somehow really intriguing. And that is exactly the case with these beauties from Matt Pascoe, the creative behind the project.



"This is the first time we’ve replayed the Kit and Bone process backwards, taking shirts from cartoon to a reality. The shirts themselves are based on a classic 90s vibe, giving a nod to three legendary kits of the time. 

The plan was to create something which at a glance felt really familiar but when you looked twice at it you realised it’s something totally unexpected. " Matt Pascoe.


You can get your hands on the home, away and third shirt by pre-ordering from the Kit and Bone website now.

We'll take one of each, Matt. Size large – yea!


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