It took just a matter of hours for Ronald McDonald to start trending on Twitter after Liverpool proudly announced their brand new third kit and well, it’s not hard to see how the world reacted.  

While Liverpool are no stranger to combining yellow and red, the shirts checkerboard details and the promo shoots bizarre setting have meant that really, it’s hard to think of anything other than fast food chain.


So in honour of Liverpool’s homage to everyone’s favourite artery clogging clown we’ve taken a look at five more kits that unintentionally reminded us of something else entirely. 


Man City - drumstick sweet 



Manchester City’s 2019/20 third shirt drew plenty of stick for its offensively bright design but it was the kits uncanny ability to turn ten of the worlds best footballers into mobile Swizzles Drumstick’s that landed it on this list. 


Barcelona - jester 



Jumping back to the modern day and while Liverpool’s lot look like they are in the back flipping burgers, Gerard Pique is right out in the forecourt entertaining the king in Barcelona’s impressively ugly lopsided effort. 


Scunthorpe away - bus seat 



Getting a bit niche now with Scunthorpe’s infamous Pleasure Island away kit from 1994. It’s very hard to imagine that pattern didn’t start of life as a bus seat, and a particularly ugly one at that. 


Nigeria 94 - money



Nigeria looked like a million bucks at USA 94 - and that’s because there were 20 of them and each wore a kit with approximately 50,000 US dollars on it.


1860 Munich - tablecloth 



It’s become a tradition that every year around Oktoberfest, 1860 Munchen take to the field looking like your nan’s favourite table cloth.


Words by Andy Gallagher


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