Launched in Milan with special guest: MARCO TARDELLI, Le Coq Sportif presents a capsule collection to celebrate 40 years since the legends' 1982 victory. 

There are many moments when Le Coq Sportif has accompanied athletes and teams on their journey to becoming an icon of their generations.

Everyone knows what happened that night in July 1982. A night when 22 Italians climbed on to the roof of a sporting world. Whilst making history the soon to be legends, wore bright blue of the Le Coq Sportif jerseys that even now shine brightly in the memory.


Forty years later, the historic sportswear brand celebrates the legends of 1982 and the immortal plays of that unforgettable summer.

To pay homage to those instants, as unique as collectibles to be displayed in a museum, a dedicated capsule collection was born, created in collaboration with A.S. Velasca ("the most artistic club in the world" and partner of Le Coq Sportif since 2017) and with numerous artists from the international scene, thus creating a bridge between the brand's past and present. 


The original outfits from 1982 have been revisited in an artistic and contemporary way, both for clothing and footwear, and are rich in details that make them elegant and exclusive. The collection was launched during an evening/event featuring one of the boys from '82: Marco Tardelli.

The light blue and white t-shirt pick up the traditional colours of the match jerseys and, mirroring the logo of the technical partner, the historic tricolour shield stands out with the white Velasca tower holding up the year of victory. The crest was designed by young designer Thomas Signollet.


An 82/22, created by artist Patrizia Novello, with an embossed effect in green-white-red tones sits in the centre and on the back of the home jersey ; in blue and gray tones (like the colour of the jersey worn by the goalkeeper) on the away jersey : an anniversary celebration that echoes the A.S. Velasca substitution numerator (the first artwork of the Milanese team, designed by the same artist). 


This elegant reference is also found on the light blue full zipper sweatshirt, embellished with a tricolour motif on the left sleeve. 

The tip of this capsule is represented by a reversible white full-zip sweatshirt, a tribute to the outfit in which Marco Tardelli and teammates sang the anthem before the start of the matches. 

One side is a vivid and faithful reminder of the 1982 sweatshirt embellished with blue stripes on the collar, sleeve bases and waist.


The other side is a narrative of the historic milestones that marked the journey to the final victory against Germany. In fact, artist Emmanuel Mousset's drawings (made with China ink) retrace the best-known exploits of the '82 legends, revisited with a unique style: from Marco Tardelli's jubilation after the famous 2-0 goal in the final, to the stringent markings on Maradona.


The capsule also features a footwear model, designed by Wolfgang Natlacen (artist and president of A.S. Velasca) that has light blue and Italian white as its dominant colours. As with the rest of the collection, the shoe makes art its leitmotif: the 82 and 22 are featured on the right and left heel respectively, while on the inside and insole is an Italian peninsula set in a triangle, a reminder of the brand's historic logo in 1982. The tongue is embellished with the Velasca Tower, sealing the collaboration that gave birth to these unique pieces.


To complete the collection, a competition jersey will be designed and made by artist Nada Pivetta. The jersey represents a tribute to mythology and a celebration of the fans.


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