LE DRAPEAU DU CHAMPION from @__rayanrose – a flag that celebrates the kits of the 2018 World Cup that the French National team faced on their road to victory. It's beautiful and you'll probably want it hanging in your humble abode.

You'll have seen something like this before, a Korean flag created for the 2018 World Cup as well as a flag for LAFC only last year.

The Le Drapeau Du Champion flag is made up of kits from the 2018 World Cup of every team the French national team had to play against to win the World Cup, all the way from the group stages to the final against Croatia.
The French home kits are on the left, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, and Australia (two stars in the middle) are on the middle, and Denmark, Croatia, and Belgium are on the right.

They call this flag the "Le Drapeau du Champion" or The Flag of the Champion and it is cut and sewn by @__rayanrose .

The final goal is to get the design to Paul Pogba, (if possible) as a personal gift!

So that cancels out us getting our hands on the design.

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