Analog Football and Kappa celebrate the merchants of Rungis Market, the world's largest fresh produce market by creating an original and authentic football shirt for a non-League football club.

Kappa presents its latest football shirt for US Rungis, an amateur club located a few kilometres from Par is. Available in two shirts, for players and goalkeeper, this jersey is part of Kappa's collection of original, artistic jerseys for professional clubs, this time designed to enhance non-League football.

A communication campaign designed by Analog Football

Kappa has teamed up with Analog Football, the leading social impact agency specialising in analog football photography, to promote this project. Drawing on their unique and authentic photographic DNA, Analog Football called on the talents of Sabi Singh, Bastien Eveno and Yvana Bolinois to produce a unique photo and video campaign in their image, shot in digital and analog (35mm and medium format). With a comeback on the football scene in recent years, Kappa is the brand that comes closest to Analog Football's aesthetic and artistic universe.


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Local Football, Global Market: a connection between a small non-League football club and the world's biggest market.

The shoot took place during the night at Rungis International Market, a key location for French agriculture and gastronomy, in the company of the men and women who bring the world's leading fresh produce market to life.


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Most of the models photographed are first-team players from the US Rungis club who work the night shift at the market. Just like the US Rungis stadium, Analog Football is based just a few meters from the market. This has given them a strong attachment to this unique place, rich in history and visual identity.


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With Kappa, the agency wanted to create a sporting and artistic marriage for this campaign, between US Rungis and the Rungis International Market. The jersey features fruit, vegetable and flower motifs, a nod to the pavilions photographed during the shoot.


cult kits analogue x kappa image 7


The jersey features long sleeves and bright colours and can be worn in the cold and at night, typical of Rungis merchants' clothing. It will be used by the US Rungis first team and is available for sale in a limited edition.

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