MLS All Star best kits

MLS All Star best kits

The inaugural MLS All Star game took place in the leagues very first season back in 1996 and looked pretty different from how it does today. In the first few years of its existence the All Star game followed the standard model in US sports, splitting the country in two and playing an East vs West. 

A format change in 2005 meant that now the MLS’ finest would face off against a selection of the most esteemed and successful clubs in world football - and Fulham - for the next decade and a half until this year when they instead went up against an all star selection from the Liga MX.

It was a decent game with the MLS triumphing on penalties but if we had one bone to pick it would be, predictably, with the kits.

While previous All Star games have served as a platform for Adidas to flex their creative muscles without confines, the black kit in the same tired template that took the field against Liga MX, who themselves donned a truly terrible all white kit, felt like a bit of a missed opportunity.

So rather than dwelling on what we saw midweek we thought it would be more fun to focus on the times when Adidas have got it right over the years and created some truly all star kits fit for the occasion. 





Maybe we’re just biased as it’s Beckham and Pepsi but the 2008 all star kit was great. Special credit goes to keeping each player's team badge on the shirt as well.






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We’ll be honest anything that utilised the Adidas Powerweb was going to make it in this list but the menacing black, red and silver design from 2011 just feels like an All Star shirt.





For the 20th edition of the all star game Adidas went all patriotic in red, white and blue and the effect was a really smart shirt and felt like a turning point in Adidas’ approach





A throwback to the infamous ‘denim’ shirt worn by the US at WC 94, the 2017 All Star shirt looked amazing and was the first to feature the Target sponsor that works so well.





As a whole kit, the 2018 MLS All Star kit does not get enough recognition.You can tell that genuine love and thought has gone into each component and how they tie together, it's a masterpiece.


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Words by Andy Gallagher


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