​​New Balance Pitch Control x Big Zuu x MC Eyez

New Balance Pitch Control x Big Zuu x MC Eyez

New Balance Football has today released the limited edition ‘Pitch Control’ version of its Tekela v2.

Introduced in a metallic fade effect, the ‘Pitch Control’ boot takes inspiration from a DJ’s ability to control rhythm and tempo – in the same way a Tekela player would have the ability to change the outcome of a game.




Single piece throat and collar and fully bonded no-sew seam technology for superior midfoot lock-in and ultimate feel on the ball.

Refined and reprogrammed K-Stitch dynamic embroidered bands for definitive forefoot lockdown and aggressive cutting stability.




Anti-slip insert with superior grip top cloth for incredible under-sock lockdown and ultimate in-game dynamics.

All new 3D engineered nylon outsole with micro-step stud tips for lightweight pro performance and ultimate traction.




The boots have been launched with content featuring rappers Big Zuu and Eyez. Follow the content across the NB Football social media channels.

The Tekela v2 Pitch Control goes on-sale 25th September 2019 in limited pairs. The boots will be available in limited numbers from select retailers and online here US residents and here (UK residents).

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